Top 6 New 2018 Cars from 2017 Detroit Auto Show You Can Buy Very Soon!

[Music] auto shows are not it’s about beautiful women they’re about beautiful cars – yes like this brand-new Audi s5 Cabriolet and coming up next in the fast lane car I’m going to show you all the new cars and should you scare Detroit that you’ll soon be driving because these are 2018 models and we put it right in the heart of the segment and with that we brought a whole new architecture so that’s what with it lower mass so it’s lighter it’s quicker it’s stronger it’s known as the whisperin because it supposedly very very quiet all three power chains are just outstanding behind that is our six-speed transmission and in our narrows feet as well so we look globally and we found the cat’s-eye as being very popular in europe actually credited with making the CEO city segment very popular in europe we decided to bring it to the United States 141 horsepower 2 liter engine now this is basically the same engine that’s available in the Nissan ro the hybrid with the exception of the hybrid system which is not part of it Nathan it competes with other Japanese eight cards like the HRV and the CHR that’s right also the Mazda cx-3 [Music] so we’ve got four seven and eight passengers feeding we’ve got a 60 40 feet which is a bench seat that goes all the way across the second row great passenger seating and then we do also offer on seven passenger seating with two captains chairs think about it this way this is a vehicle that competes directly against the Ford Explorer and the Honda Pilot we’ve got a – pure v6 standard 305 horsepower 264 pounds of torque and then the engines you know we’re getting sub seven second 0-60 which means for customers getting it on and off a freeway ramp is great [Music] so the camera right here that shows the whole rear of the car both second and third row even if you have a kid inside peace let’s go over here what’s different about this new Odyssey if you remember the old one had a cup line that went right through there which was kind of ugly now check it out you can’t even tell where the rail for the door go fully open it when you close it it’s like magic like there’s no guideposts at all or the sliding doors [Music] in comparison to the outgoing models also much larger so it’s 11 inches longer which is possible because also the wheelbase grow by mu by 4 inches they say that it will be available in the summer of 2017 and we’re looking forward to getting our hands on one and taking it into the Rocky Mountains it’s a revised version of the 2.0 TSI delivering 186 horsepower and 221 foot-pounds of torque the whole design starts with an all-new platform we utilize Eng a to basically drop the center of gravity driver and passenger are much lower roof is lower load as lower wheels are as you can see are pushed out to the corner tough that we’ve never been able to do before on Camry now there are new engines folks that’s right there’s a 2.5 liter 4-cylinder engines there’s a 3.5 liter v6 there’s also 2.5 liter engine that’s hooked up to the hybrid systems but you see these layers kind of assembling here where you get some sense of quality and depth to the interior something that I think exceeds the class you or crazy smart engineers obviously looked at a lot of features on the motor optimizing air intake exhaust assist including one of our favorite port engines the coyote v8 which has been updated a little bit but for the most part serve the same engine we love our customers have asked for a diesel and we have respondents will be coming out with the diesel shortly how will be hooked up to the tennspeed as well it will be made in the UK so Natalie is this a car you like this is a car I’d love I would take one in every color how could you not love a very powerful and a very fast convertible outtie how could you not and I want to thank main man for making this video possible for sponsoring us and remember if you want more cool stuff for guys check out made mancom you have a key check it out let’s go get it right you

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