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[Music] it looks like something out of science fiction this unusual quadcopter is in the initial stages of testing before a human pilot takes a seat on it the concept was developed by New Zealand inventor Chris Malloy who wanted to build a small and cheap aircraft for cattle driving and land surveying his britain-based company Malloy Aeronautics manufactured the prototype which the US technological company service engineering is testing for possible military use this craft was designed from the ground up for someone to get on and off this one provides the stability of having four rotors so you’re not as sensitive to center of gravity issues but they’re they’re not so separated that there’s problems with getting on and off the the craft during a demonstration that remotely controlled scale model performed beautifully carrying a dummy pilot called buster the US Army thinks it could someday carry soldiers flying low over rugged or dangerous terrain a full-size model is already being built in Britain but testing by a human pilot will depend on the craft safety and reliability we’re looking at several ways to improve that including the ability to operate with one rotor out that capability I think we’ll make sure that it’s reliable and and safe for both military and civilian use the full-size hover bike will be powered by a gasoline engine turning an alternator to provide power for it’s for electric rotors there will be two versions with one and two seats they will fly up to 96 kilometers per hour with a range of up to 240 kilometers but Kiev it says there are no heart dates set for testing the full-size model talking with the US army counterparts we’re looking at a three to five year development effort so that would be a good timeframe to expect additional progress on the hover bike for now Malloy Aeronautics is selling a battery-powered scale model of its hover bike for about 1000 to 1600 dollars useful for aerial photography or light deliveries gorge footage VOA news Washington [Music] [Music] [Music] you [Music] we’re all familiar with the concept of a time machine what we have here is a space machine instead of travelling backwards or forward in time we can transport viewers from one space to another in virtually no time at all so I can now tell a story while at the same time transporting people through space [Music] you [Music] you’re trend-setting music-lover you know Tech and you won’t settle for second best quality matters that’s why we made helix the world’s first wearable with extractable Bluetooth earbuds you believe in simplicity and that form follows function helix earbuds offer unsurpassed sound quality embedded in a discreet design you’re as bold as you are cosmopolitan helix matches any style anywhere with convenient technology for the modern world wirelessly listen to music and make calls on the go we all have limits and boundaries and sometimes it’s difficult to be yourself with helix you live by your own rules [Music] [Applause] simply connect helix to your smartphone and experience being set free from attachments helix is designed with you in mind wherever your movements take you [Music] experience helix fashion and function always on hand [Applause] [Music] [Applause] hey Kickstarter I’m J I’m Daniela four years ago we started go tented to solve the no service problem we set out to make it possible to use your phone even when you don’t have cell reception or Wi-Fi after a lot of hard work we developed this device which is the first and only way to use your smartphone to send text messages and GPS locations to others over long distances even when you don’t have any service of any kind our award-winning product has been enjoyed by tens of thousands and used all over the planet while adventuring outdoors traveling abroad attending crowded events or even during an emergency over the last year we’ve been working on a next-generation product it lays the foundation for a kind of communications network that has never existed before and now we’re finally ready to share what we’ve been working on and invite you to be a part of it has this ever happened to you you’re traveling with friends and burst discard and everyone has a different venture plan for the day meaning wants to climb a mountain take pictures David and I don’t want to find a river and enjoy the Sun and you you just want to plateau Reinheitsgebot because you don’t go to birches garden without trying the right height spot the problem is my phone has no service and freshest cotton and I still want to know what my friends are doing that’s why on this adventure we each brought a goat in a mesh once paired with your phone go to the mesh generates its own radio signal so you can send text and GPS locations using a simple app no towers routers or satellites required sent and received I guess send a direct message to David a group chat to my friends or broadcast to any NGO 10 in the area go tena has great point-to-point communication range but with this groundbreaking mesh networking technology is possible to double or triple your range by hopping through other go 10ms units in the area you don’t even need to know the other users or do anything it’s automatic and privately so I’m able to receive a message from Ming who’s on top of the mountain because our friends and other go 10ms users act as relay points between us imagine using this at a music festival or on the slopes the possibilities are endless unlike traditional communication networks Goten amesh actually gets stronger the more users join it we call this people power connectivity one more to go please [Applause] [Music] we’re excited to launch goat NMS because it’s the first mesh network of its kind 100% off-grid mobile long-range and consumer ready this kind of technology has never existed outside of the military and even then they’ve been big heavy systems that cost tens of thousands of dollars goat Animesh however is tiny and affordable Goten amesh is our first product available internationally and having completed industrial design and advanced prototyping earlier this year we’re now busy testing and setting up manufacturing and distribution so people all over the world can use our technology to stay connected to each other during fun off-grid adventures as well as unplanned emergency situations it’s worth noting that goat Ennis technology is already fielded and trusted by public safety organizations during mission-critical operations which means that you can count on it – in our headquarters in Brooklyn New York we’ve assembled a small but scrappy team that includes some of the most talented engineers in the world we’re all motivated by the mission of empowering people to create their own connectivity even when traditional communication networks are unavailable unreliable or unaffordable we’ve built Goten a mesh because we believe in a future where communication isn’t just delivered by top-down infrastructure but also made possible from the bottom up by people like you we want you to be the first to experience the future of people-powered connectivity it starts with enabling essential communication when you don’t have service but it can be something much bigger we’ve built revolutionary technology into goat NMS but in order to change the game we need you Kickstarter we invite you to become a mesh founder with us so please support this campaign until everyone you know about getting a mesh [Music] when you need the best in key and asset management look no further than keeper systems since 1992 keeper systems has been committed to providing various industries with the best solutions in key and asset management and asset control if you ask our customers two things and said what makes keeper you know the best company to deal with one our system is the easiest to use out there – it’s the easiest company to deal with in terms of purchasing because we’re not convoluting the process by giving them a contracts or hidden fees or any of these annual of charges that other companies do keeper systems is proud to present the elite series of key management systems for the next few minutes we will discuss the main features of this revolutionary method of key and asset management as well as present a comprehensive demonstration of the monarch system the elite series offers an array of groundbreaking features that are unique to keeper systems above all these systems are available in many sizes to fit your exact needs system capacities range from 40 keys to up to 280 keys per cabinet and as you grow Keeper systems grows with you each system has a plug-and-play design and allows you to quickly and easily expand your system to more than 2,000 keys in addition our systems can be easily mounted on a wall or configured as a freestanding unit our revolutionary system is designed to fit the needs of any industry requiring the highest level of accountability and security such as law enforcement automotive government and many more in addition to key management keepers sturdy fobs can be fitted with a wide array of keys and assets among many unique features standard in all of our systems we include for increased accountability comprehensive reporting and analytics including automated email and text message alerts for enhanced security a built-in digital camera captures a photo of each transaction to maximize accountability multiple key persistence can be networked throughout your organization for added convenience storage and reporting keeper also offers a number of add-on features such as DMS integration label printing Mobile inventory scanning key reservations lock blocking mileage tracking key mapping and much more the flagship of keeper systems electronic key management is the monarch it is unmatched in its accountability analytics security and asset control let’s take a few moments to explore this powerful key management system logging into the system is simple a user can either use the on-screen keypad biometric authentication or a proximity swipe card to log into the system removing and replacing a key to the system is just as easy once a user has logged in checking out a key is as simple as entering in an asset ID and selecting checkout key the door will unlock and an LED will illuminate to indicate the location of the key the system automatically logs the user out when the key is removed and the door is closed to return a key to the system press check-in key LEDs will illuminate available unlocked spaces with a simple press and twist of the fob the key is returned the system learns the new location of the key and records the date and time of the return managing the system is a breeze from adding users and keys to running customized reports the system can be fully managed with just a few clicks the monarch offers the ability to create various reports for your review customizable reports can be viewed on screen in real time or emailed at scheduled times to fit your need always know who took what key why they took the key and win the keeper systems elite series of key management the finest systems and the best customer care and service on the market today keeper systems key management simplified [Music] imagination is a beautiful thing it’s the source of our big ideas and it makes us want to bring them to life introducing cell robot a modular robot built to inspire the month it uses the cells as components that allow you to build and expand your robot to many forms the cells are powered by a heart a lithium-ion battery that provides power to the cell as soon as it’s connected giving life to your robot choose from the many dozens of pre-designed robots from the shape library follow the helpful tutorials to walk you through construction easily combine cells together through a twist and lock motion then control your cell robot from the app additional accessories allow you to expand your ideas further by adding wheels amount and even a camera and you don’t just need to stick to the instructions in custom mode you can build anything you can imagine program movements for each individual cell using custom mode in the app then watch it dumb what you make is up to you sell robot is an extension of your imagination a platform for combining building with creativity share your imagined inventions and inspire your friends what will you build sell robot this is a cell unit it can rotate at different speeds in different directions the coyote to a specific position or rotate continuously it’s very simple but when you combine managers together form different configurations it can be hundreds of robots in one hi MJ we started our work to make robots then seamlessly into our daily life we are trying to create a friendly access for everyone to get their hands on robots without coding mechanics or electronics experice people can easily starts to build and control the servants it’s definitely more than the toy this thing is real power cell robot is my own personal robot system setting up different configurations if this feels like there are so many different uses it can be a security monitor to help me watch my house when I’m out it can be a robotic friend and I guess it can even entertain my pet it helps me to take care of my dog when I’m traveling there are so many different interesting ways I can integrate the robot into my daily life the community in the app pretty cool so I can share what I’ve made myself and also be inspired by the brilliant ideas I have a ton of different toys but the cell robot is my absolute favorite there are over 50 different sheets in the app library stand-up so robot the cell robot is a great pants freak helper hi Eric you want to go to the store with me today sometimes it’s hard to find something that’s fun for everyone in my family we have different ages and interests but the cell robot works for everyone building something solving problems or helping us with our day-to-day tasks plus we actually have so much fun and that’s what you understood work your Becker’s we need to help they have already finished the design and profile of the robot we need your support to start production and we only seem that you call only backers to write the story or sell but with us [Applause] [Music] what if you could turn back time and relive the best memories of your life like see your daughter’s first steps again watch your son’s first baseball hit again or simply experience the best family vacation you’ve ever had again meet teleport an entirely new way to capture and relive the best memories of your life through the power of virtual reality technology to capture those special moments simply plug the teleport camera in your phone and start shooting instantly it’s that easy teleport camera has two lenses that work the same way our eyes see the world it captures everything you see in 3d to relive those memories you’ve captured simply put the teleport headset on you’ll feel as though you’re actually there and experience those unforgettable living memories again [Music] so clearly that the same emotions you felt in the past are felt again [Music] memory is one of the most beautiful creations in life it’s one of those thin strings that hold you and the people you love together through the good and the bad times save your best memories treasure them and relive them [Music] [Music] and [Music] [Music] [Music] you we have evolved alongside the honeybee in the symbiotic relationship we care for them they pollinate our crops and of course make lots of delicious honey but getting the golden nectar has always been quite a task I just thought it was crazy they have to crack the hive open for the hive apart stress out all the bees and spend all day in the shed just to get your honey and I thought hmm there must be a better way so when dad and I got to work and we’ve done it now you can simply turn a tap and pure fresh honey flows right out of your heart delicious ready for you to eat that’s amazing it’s amazing it’s honey on tap for those that don’t know harvesting your honey used to be a real labor of love you had to protect yourself from stings fire for smoker to sedate the bees crack the hive open lift heavy boxes pull out the frames try not to squash bees brush them off the combs or use a leaf blower transport the frames to a processing shed cut the wax capping off filter the honey and clean up all the mess then the frames have to get back to the hives again now you don’t need to do any of that turner tap sit back and watch the honey pour out it’s pure unprocessed untouched delicious honey directly from the hive no mess no fuss no expensive equipment and much more friendly for the bees this is the first time in the world this has been possible there is nothing else like it it really is a revolution we can see into the hive we can see when the honey is ready and we can take it away in such a gentle way what a wonderful thing the flow frames are designed with clear ends so you can easily check the hub is healthy in the colonies John you can watch all the girls turning necked into honey and see when it’s ready and isolate individual combs allowing you to taste all the different flavors of the seasons you can just have us one frame and get three kilograms of honey or harvest more than 20 kilograms per box but you know tap it off so easily means that when there is a good honey flow you can keep up with the bees and harvest a lot more honey so how does it work the flow foam consists of already partly formed honeycomb cells the bees complete the comb with their wax and fill the cells with honey capping it off ready for harvest when you turn the handle our patented split cell technology creates channels inside the comb allowing the honey to flow down and out of the hive while the bees are undisturbed on the comb surface turn the tap again which resets the comb into the original position and allows the bees to cheer the wax back and fill it with honey again for the commercial beekeeper the frames built to accommodate a pneumatic system which means you can flick a switch and harvest your whole a pre at once we’ve been testing prototypes with beekeepers from around the world I spent hours taking honey out of hives this system is just blows my mind I say I was very excited to when it actually worked actually put the tubes in and watch the honey come out I was sitting there going what I was completely amazed and surprised at the amount of honey that came out it was easy to use and there was very little disturbance to the whole hi it’s this over-simplistic idea of how I’ve been working again here we’ve actually accomplished that that’s my bottle that’s amazing [Music] flow makes harvesting honey easier for the beekeeper and it’s easier on the bees but don’t worry we haven’t taken all the fun away the brood box stays the same and needs the same care it always has you still get to use your smoker and bee suit and do all the normal things to keep your bees healthy like inspecting the brood nest for disease mites beetles and swamp prevention you still need to pull your home apart to do this and you still get stung by your bees if you are new to beekeeping you’ll need some help from experienced beekeepers to get started these are such incredible little creatures and the most experienced of beekeepers realize there is always more to learn after a decade of development and three years of testing the current design we are now in production with top manufacturers in Australia and the US our Flo hives and frames are now available for pre-order on our website honey Flo calm to make Flo affordable for everyone we’ve designed it so you can simply add a few flow frames to your existing home or you can go for a complete flow hive kit so you can experience the joys of harvesting honey watching and caring for your bees sweet bees is such a crucial part of our world without them we couldn’t sustain the human population as we know it and without the beekeepers we wouldn’t have enough bees join us and become part of this evolution in beekeeping don’t guys thanks space honey

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