Top Sexy Funny Commercials

want to join the mile-high club not right now but whatever when in join the mile-high club just let’s do it Zach the mile-high with bacon now anyone can join the mile-high club introducing the mile-high bacon congrats on the car thanks the dealership reviews on Garth calm made it easy but we thought it might be a little more 10 you missed the drama yeah I’ve come whatever you want okay my sister’s prettier than me research price fine [Music] [Music] I have this auntie like I play all day [Music] oh wait no I think there’s been some sort of mistake I just came here to walk on the treadmill for 20 minutes you guys have a or sometimes I like to roll around on the ball thing okay look or is moving bring a little brain ahem you’re very aggressive you know what’s going on to news now ok i will be off there or okay what if we just rolled around on this ball for a while gosh our ball um so no that’s why I don’t like gym well Carrie we’re not a gym or Planet Fitness you can work out however you want and there’s absolutely no fights of the best well that’s a plus tons of equipment helpful staff no gyms imitation only $10 a month we’re not it [Music] didn’t see coming but a king Minik and now my three sons Braden true mine too and hey we know you’re suitable and named when I’m done with women and me oh great a man of myself now he’s kissing all the women at Oregon called me mister fibers Oh sweetie tiny fingers for the baby fell requesting kissing giggling all the women hold tight take a look what you done you wait sexy man right out of my son or spice full-size this is nice and it comes with a price my for territory where it now is Kanto but entice saw these ladies or these women are oh bottom light light as a mother I can send the body for the wolf fine [Music] shave yesterday don’t risk business morning good morning no no no coupon is open what the hell no I shaved yesterday coupons don’t risk goodness Jennifer don’t worry we are going to take good care of you I shaved yesterday please stop the panting don’t risk goodness yeah I know I am a little prickly I shaved yesterday don’t risk do this the

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