biggest cuts ever and so his title the cut cut cut bill is is actually an accurate representation of what he wants to do taxes he said are going to be so easy yes yes it was that health care thing was our reason why it’s been 31 years since we had comprehensive tax reform and the reason is that every provision in our baroque tax code now sprawling over seventy thousand pages is there because an interest group put it there and will die in the last stitch defending it or it was put there to create a grateful interest group that will die in the last ditch defending it so we go through this they say well we’re gonna cut taxes lower rates and we’re gonna recoup a trillion dollars with a border adjustment tax on imports well all the retailers in the country including Walmart the nation’s largest private sector employer says no so they said okay well back to them and that was months ago one of their first draft ideas you know they said we’re going to end the deductibility get get the trillion dollars back by ending the deductibility of state and local taxes well it turns out they’re about 40 or 50 House members Republican House members who are in states where that is affected that Democrats you understand a third of the Democratic caucus is from three states New York Massachusetts California they’re not on board right but there are only 22 seat majority of the house for the Republican so they couldn’t afford to lose them oh they said step three will limit for immediate tax advantage the amount braddock the event that people can put in their 401 KS 55 million people put stuff in their 401 KS and so they objected to that so what they’re going to do is say well this is not the moment to worry about the deficit there never is a moment of course to worry about the deficit but they’ll say that mm-hm the deficit a decade ago was nine trillion two months ago it went to twenty trillion its projected to hit 30 trillion in the middle of the next decade and will and and all of that what you’ve just talked about are the provisions that they’ve considered to raise revenue to actually increase taxation which they needed to do the original concept in order to provide the tax cuts that would be the way they would pay for the tax cuts and now as they get down to it they are abandoning as far as we can tell from what we’re hearing about it the concept of paying for the tax cuts right now and one of the remarkable things about this is that everyone Barack Obama down agrees that our corporate tax rate is too high it’s an outlier among industrial nations at thirty five percent most them don’t pay that but still it’s too high everyone wants to reduce it but to get it down to twenty percent which is now the goal requires finding some offsets order adjustment acts state and local deductions for women we’re looking for strike four now there’s another way they can do it within the jurisdiction of the tax writing committees which also happen to include Medicare and Medicaid and they can pay for their tax cuts by cutting Medicare and Medicaid within that same legislation which they know is radioactive so they’re there they’re struggling with the thing that is the hardest thing in legislation that the how do you pay for it but the the idea that you would simply explode the deficit in the debt goes against everything that virtually every one of these Republicans has ever said about the deficit in the debt yeah but they they save that one they’re not in power and when they’re in power they go back to it and Dick Cheney said Ronald Reagan showed that deficits don’t matter well he didn’t but that’s their mantra now so that you can be true to the Reagan legacy by exploding the deficit what they now say is the magic asterisk appears on the budget and the magic asterisk is the assumption of growth yes if you assume a high enough rate of growth indeed the economy will spin off the revenues to pay the bills and the bills are mounting because every day between now and 2030 10,000 more baby boomers retire into the entitlement State Social Security and Medicare so if you assume a rapid enough rate of economic growth if you assume that tax cuts are gonna be stimulative stimulative at full employment stimulative in the ninth year of recovery we don’t know when recovery why but they all end if you assume rapid growth this is old story I’ve told it before I’ll tell you again two people walking down the road in the country out of away from shelter ones an economist the others a normal American the skies open and a deluge starts the normal American says we’re going to be drenched The Economist is not to worry we’ll assume an umbrella that’s what they’re gonna assume rapid economic growth if you assume 4% growth everything’s fine and I can no longer assume that they’re going to pass the bill which I always assumed they would we will see what happens George F will thank you very much for joining us good to have it in the studio tonight really appreciate it we’ll be right back with a special rewrite tonight what is this place the moderns found the room he was looking at the group who Steve Bannon is telling friends might vote to remove him from office using the 25th amendment that’s according to a new report and John Kelly the question for John Kelly tonight is has he lost the benefit of the doubt about what he meant when he called congresswoman Frederica Wilson an empty barrel and what he meant when he calls robert e lee an honorable man this investigation poses an existential threat to the Trump presidency his top staff quote on edge of missed worries that Miller’s work isn’t done the special counsel is saying all the potential witnesses the train is leaving now is the time to follow Papadopoulos and cooperate Paul Manafort is facing 15 years in prison and to the extent that he knows anything that’s incriminating to this White House that’s a scary prospect it is very distracting to the president as it would be to any citizen to be investigated he claims it not under investigation the hallmarks of this administration has been to lie about contact with Russia if in fact you do that you thought you lied to an FBI agent that’s a crime and it’s not something that Sarah Huckabee is going to be able to spin we still expect this to conclude soon and I would predict we’ll see more action soon more indictments and possible plea agreement do they wake up every morning feeling overwhelming dread that something terrible is happening in our country that they have no control over I have no idea how that feels if I drink enough [Applause] [Music] we have so much to report to you on the utter chaos inside the Trump White House tonight Jared Kushner is now Donald Trump’s biggest problem in the White House according to an explosive new report from Vanity Fair’s Gabriel Sherman by securing three indictments and one guilty plea special prosecutor Robert Muller has put the White House on edge again and president Trump is blaming his son-in-law now Jared Kushner according to Vanity Fair speaking of Steve Madden on Tuesday Trump blamed Jared Kushner for his role in decisions specifically the firings of Mike Flynn and James Comey that led to Mahler’s appointment according to a source hm-hmm who could that be a source briefed on Steve bannon’s call with Donald Trump when Roger stone recently told Trump that Kushner was giving him bad political advice Trump agreed according to hmm who could this be someone familiar with the conversation named Roger stone I I just assumed I’m just wild guess Roger stone former Trump campaign aide Sam Nunn bird told Vanity Fair jared is the worst political adviser in the White House in modern history I’m only saying publicly what everyone says behind the scenes at Fox News in conservative media and the Senate and the Congress and of course what has been said publicly here on this program many times Steve Bannon also reportedly believes that the president must take drastic steps to counter these new developments from the special prosecutor in a series of phone calls with Trump on Monday and Tuesday Bannon told the president to shake up the legal team by installing an aggressive lawyer above Ty Cobb according to two sources briefed on the call so let’s see Bannon and who else Bannon has also discussed ways to pressure Congress and defund Mahler’s investigation or limit its scope Mahler shouldn’t be allowed to be a clean shot on goal a Bannon confidant named Bannon told Gabriel Sharma he must be contested and checked right now he has unchecked power it just to be clear I’m just guessing as to who these sources are for Steve bans communication about Steve ban phone calls Gabriel Sherman has not revealed any of those sources these are just wild guests Roger stone is telling the president that defunding mauler isn’t enough stone wants Trump to call for a special prosecutor to investigate Hillary Clinton’s role in approving the controversial uranium 1 deal that’s been a local focus of right-wing hysteria as stone described it a special prosecutor looking into uranium 1 would also have to investigate the FBI’s role in approving the deal thereby making mauler who was in charge of the Bureau at the time a target Steven and Roger stone are flailing away trying to find impossible lis ridiculous strategies like these because as Vanity Fair reports there is a growing concern about the president’s ability to hold on to his presidency for the first time since the investigation began the prospect of impeachment is being considered as a realistic outcome and not just a liberal fevered dream two weeks ago according to a source vannin did a spitball analysis of the cabinet to see which members would remain loyal to trump in the event the 25th amendment were invoked thereby triggering a vote to remove the president from office vannin recently told people he’s not sure if Trump would survive such a vote remember 25th amendment can be invoked by the vice president with a majority of the cabinet that is all it takes for Mike Pence to remove Donald Trump from the active presidency and for Mike Pence to become the Acting President tonight in a call to the New York Times President Trump played down any concerns that he had about special prosecutor Mahler’s investigation and the indictment of Paul Manafort I’m not under investigation as you know even if you look at that there’s not even a mention of Trump in there it has nothing to do with us during us now Nick Ackerman former federal prosecutor and formal for our assistant special wiring prosecutor he’s now an MSNBC contributor Betsy Woodruff politics reporter for The Daily Beast and Jason Johnson politics editor at the root Connor an MSNBC contributor and Nick as a former prosecutor they’re all Trump is saying first of all I’m not being investigated we had no idea whether he’s being investigated I for one I’m not going to take his word for it if you don’t mind and the other part of it looking at these three indictments and one guilty plea he says that he’s not in there anywhere the indictment with the guilty plea is actions taken during the Trump campaign that’s how this person is now guilty of a federal crime Donald Trump is in the center of all of these allegations he’s in the center of this Papadopoulos situation who he referred to at March 21st 2016 as a great guy he now calls him a liar which is itself is unprecedented that the President of the United States would call a cooperating government witness who’s going to be testifying on behalf of the United States on this Papadopoulos agrees he has pleaded guilty to lying to the FBI correct but you don’t the the the head of the government doesn’t go out and call its own witness a liar that’s for the defense comment in any way on criminal proceedings that’s right I mean this is a total disregard for the judicial process under normal circumstances I think mauler should be going in there and asking for a gag order on this individual I mean he has no business interfering with this I mean I think where Trump is he sees an indictment of his campaign manager this indictment is so well-written it is so well conceived it is based purely on documentary evidence they don’t need to call a single witness to back up the charges here it is a slam dunk 15 years Paul Manafort is facing that is a huge incentive for him to turn and testify and finger Donald Trump Jared Kushner event Ivanka Trump everybody else that’s involved in this whole Russian situation he was there at the June 9th meeting he’s the person who came to the party through Roger stone Roger stone is the person that talked to the hacker Donald Trump is concerned yeah and and and Nick we remember just up until President Trump how presidents of the United States have always been ultra careful about ever commenting on any kind of criminal investigation pending criminal case anything like it Richard Nixon got into trouble by the understandable stumble in suggesting that Charles Manson was guilty before Charles Smith was found guilty and and Nixon realized what a horrible mistake that was that’s how rare this is Jason Johnson I want to read you more of what the president has said to the New York Times tonight why he calls the fake news failing New York Times to tell them what he’s thinking I do not know anyone here who wants to offer in an explanation that please do but he tonight he told The Times I’m in the office early and leave late it’s very smooth Trump said honestly he added I’m really enjoying it so Jason there’s the personal report to the New York Times about how swell everything is in Trump’s White House well Lawrence of course the president leaves late because the golf course clears out by then so he’s got more time he gets all 18 holes to himself look this is a president who there are two ways that we can understand this Russian investigation and how it leads up the Trump either he’s got a ton of people around him who are engaging in unethical behavior in he was too dumb or too naive or too arrogant to recognize all the meetings that were being made on his behalf or he was a willing participant and I think either of those possibilities speaks volumes about what kind of president that we have but furthermore he recognizes that no matter how much he tries to play it cool the only way that Trump can get out of this is if he actually I don’t know get something done that makes the country happy as president since he hasn’t been able to accomplish that he’s got to pretend that he’s doing well because this investigation will dog him unless he proves himself fit for the position and in nine months he hasn’t done it Betsy what is the what is the explanation inside the White House as to why the president often when he’s in trouble and is seeking to be best understood why he calls up the New York Times why he sometimes calls in The Washington Post and gives them the big interview gives them the latest interview for the for to try to explain directly what he’s thinking why does he call and offer himself to these news organizations that he says are corrupt that he says are purveyors of fake news it’s pretty simple for Donald Trump the New York Times is his hometown paper it’s the paper that’s been defining news cycles for him for his entire time as a public figure going back as long as he’s been working in the New York real estate market that said of course it’s important to take the comments he made to The Times today with an enormous grain of salt just looking at the indictments that came down earlier this week one thing is clear and that is that for Muller nothing is off-limits when it comes to prosecuting this particular investigation that he’s working on when rod Rosenstein who’s the second-in-command at the Justice Department put Muller in charge of his investigation he gave him a very broad mandate to look into any coordination any links between anyone associated with the Trump campaign and the Russian government as well as as well as potential outgrowths of that investigation what we saw from the indictments that were handed down is that Muller pressed charges based on activity that happened after the campaign in the case of George papadopolis he lied to the FBI after Trump was inaugurated and years before the campaign in the case of manna fort and gates what that means is that for Muller he’s casting a wide net he’s looking at a very wide window of time he’s looking at a wide number of potential crimes when it comes to what he investigates I spoke with one very influential conservative attorney earlier this week after the indictments came down who told me like Muller’s indictments mean that any crime that was committed by any of trumps associates within the statute of limitations is fair game for the special counsel and that’s something that should be causing the White House significant heartburn and any Trump family member for that matter Jason Johnson the the Papadopoulos guilty plea tells us that we do not know what the special prosecutor is doing here he had someone arrested months ago he managed to have enough communication with this with this this defendant to get a guilty plea out of them relatively quickly in this process and then holds that guilty plea secret for weeks and and and this strikes me as the part of it that changes everything about the way the White House follows this if they thought they were gonna be able to follow this accusation by accusation here comes the indictment for manna for it here comes the indictment for Flint they now know we don’t know what we’re gonna be presented with tomorrow we may be presented with another guilty plea tomorrow by someone we didn’t even know they were investigating right Lawrence this is the thing that I said is is key why some Republicans who I’ve spoken to we’re actually happy with Mueller working on this case with Mueller working many Republicans know that all right this is all being taken care of quietly over there that’s what we’ve heard the fewer leaks you know the fact that nothing about Papadopoulos leaked all this time shows that the people were unhappy with Trump the people who are concerned about his behavior they can hand that over to that investigation and the Republicans and try and get their work done the problem of course is if there are no leaks the Trump campaign never knows what anything is going to happen the presidency doesn’t know when he’s going to happen and I’ll tell you this I’ve talked to some people on K Street they are shaking in their boots because no one knows who Papadopoulos has talked to and everybody’s checking their cell phones to see I have a conversation with this guy did I exchange emails and was I wire tapped or did he have a wire when we talked and Nick as if you’re a defense lawyer in this case with these with the clients who we know have already hired defense counsel what are you telling them tonight about how to handle themselves in the White House I think they have to be very careful about who they talk to I mean my advice don’t talk to anybody assume that everybody is wearing a body wire assume that what about the advice to quit what about if you say to me you don’t talk to anyone people might be wearing a body wire I would say to you as my lawyer why don’t I just quit if literally going to work is this dangerous it is and you should quit if that’s the situation there’s no question in my mind but if you’re gonna stay yeah you’ve got to assume that everything you say is gonna be used against you and it could all be recorded I mean the biggest thing with Papadopoulos is he was out there for three months right yeah Nick Ackerman Betsy Woodruff Jason Johnson thank you all for joining us and I really appreciate it sure these lords coming up the president’s tax cuts are floundering and one of the reasons is he wants to give the legislation the single stupidest name in the history of American legislation but it is a name that gives away the game and later John Kelly what has happened to the benefit of the doubt for John Kelly now that he has gone two weeks without apologizing for the ferry firming the president didn’t waste any time politicizing the attack in New York City by tweeting the terrorist came into our country through what is called the diversity Visa Lottery program at Chuck Schumer beauty I want marys merit-based here’s how Senator Schumer responded on the Senate floor I’ve seen the tweets from President Trump after September 11th the first thing the President Bush did was invite senator Clinton and me to the White House where he pledged to do what was ever in his power to help our city president Bush in a moment of national tragedy understood the meaning of his high office and sought to bring our country together President Trump where is your leadership the contrast between President Bush’s actions after 9/11 and president Trump’s actions this morning could not be starker again mr. president President Trump where is your leadership join us now Mike Murphy Republican strategist who advised Mitt Romney and Senator John McCain’s presidential campaigns and senior fellow at the Harvard JFK schools Belfer Center for Science and International Affairs and Jeremy bash former chief of staff at the CIA in defense department and an MSNBC national security analyst and Jeremy the president didn’t have a clear set of facts there about Chuck Schumer’s involvement in the in the immigration provision that bothers him but once again we saw the president goes straight into politics instead of actually addressing what happened in New York yeah Lawrence I mean if you think about the president’s immigration approach here and his immigration approach during his administration he’s argued for building a wall on the southern border this individual who committed the attack flew into our country through JFK International Airport the president has proposed a travel ban through a number of countries this individual came from a country whose Becca Stan that’s not on the travel ban list and the president has proposed to hoarding about 900 dreamers people who came to this country as young children and who grew up law-abiding residents here and who now serve in our military taking the fight to terrorists the president wants to deport them so not only are the president’s approaches here on this issue on immigration short-sighted but they would be ineffective at actually confronting the real issue which is Isis radicalizing people who have been living here lawfully these attacks happen across Europe throughout the spring and summer this president in this administration have not brought any effective counterterrorism policies to the fort confront this this threat the president’s comments were not echoed on Capitol Hill by Republicans let’s listen what bob Corker had to say is it too soon to go after shoe mike murphy it’s not that hard to get four presidents to get moments like this right yeah it’s harder to screw them up I mean at the end of it it was like a Bruce Lee movie he stumbled in and Schumer becomes a hero wearing a halo I think one of the problems that Donald Trump has is he does not understand it in the American system the president is not only the elected head of government he or she is also the head of state which means in these crisis moments they’re supposed to be a unifier and show leadership but because he’s a natural-born grievance politician you know president Trump can’t not go out and find something to attack in this case a visa program that really isn’t that big a problem at all and the senator from New York who actually and I’ll say is a conservative Republican has got plenty of things about Chuck Schumer I don’t like he’s got a pretty good record and on terrorism issues so it was it was a double mistake but it was indicative of the way as a grievous politician you know President Trump cannot resist finding somebody to attack based on anything and throwing the whole head of state you know leader of the nation solid solid symbol thing right out the window and you’d be hard to get the feeling that this is a New Yorker who’s tweeting these things that you couldn’t get any sense of real feeling for what happened on that street from the president let’s listen to what a Republican Senator Jeff Flake had to say about it we got too quick to point Senator Schumer in his tweets yes he was shoot express some solidarity with those who are trying to fix his program I mean to fix the situation Jeremy it was an easy question for Republicans who were willing to take the question today did the president get it wrong answer yes yeah there was a time now long ago when these tragic incidents actually brought out the best in people and and people came together unified despite our differences who put our differences all aside to stand shoulder to shoulder you recall the scene of members of Congress singing the national anthem on the steps of the Capitol after terrorist attacks if we can’t hang together during these moments of crisis I shudder to think how we would hang together during a much more horrific attack when not eight people were killed but perhaps 80 or heaven forbid 800 the president I think would accrue so much power to himself would you know suspend habeas corpus suspend civil rights and civil liberties and immigration sent people went to Guantanamo and and and start acting in a dictatorial fashion that would really I think tear our country apart Mike we know that the terrorists who killed these eight people yesterday in New York City has also spent time and lived in Florida let’s imagine for a moment that he did this in a major city in Florida would there have been you think a different reaction from the president the president probably firmly believes he cannot win the state of New York he did not win the state of New York he did not win his hometown the city of New York but if it had happened in in a state that matters to him electoral he might we have heard something different you know my guess is that’s a little too complicated for him he’s instinctual and despite the fact he’s speed-dialing Maggie Haberman at the New York Times saying he’s never been happier you know I think there’s a lot of rage going on over this Mueller deal I mean even in the worst days of Watergate when my hero dick Nixon was crawling into a scotch bottle he never like called up the Washington Post said I’ve never felt better so I think he needed to have an outlet and unfortunately this this moment where we should have seen a unifying message of national solidarity just turned into Trump the counter-puncher trying to attack somebody Mike Murphy and Jeremy bash thank you for joining us tonight I do coming up the Donald Trump tax plan is in trouble how can a Republican tax cut bill be in trouble this is the thing that they know how to do but then again Donald Trump’s never been involved before George will will try to figure it all out for us Gary Cohen will be staying back from the trip to Asia to remain vigilant and making sure the tax cuts pass so if I have any problems I will be blaming oh we believe you on this one we believe you of course you will blame others if your tax bill fails after delaying public release of the giant Trump tax cuts bill the man who has to actually write that bill Republican chairman of the House Ways and Means Committee Kevin Brady now says the bill will be released tomorrow morning tonight there is a new disagreement on the name of the bill president Trump reportedly wants to give the bill the single stupidest title in the history of American legislation the cut cut cut act according to ABC News Paul Ryan and Kevin Brady have pushed back on the name of the bill however Trump has held firm it is astounding that the people who are writing the tax bill would even listen to Donald Trump’s suggestion about what to call it because the House of Representatives is constitutionally vested with much more power over tax legislation than the President and Congress has always jealously guarded that power especially over taxation what would ever make congressional Republicans think that doing what Donald Trump wants them to do is the way to get 8

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