Trump ‘TREMBLING’ By Flynn Is Preparing To Plead Guilty in Robert Mueller’s Investigation.

he news now is Democratic Senator Richard Blumenthal of Connecticut he’s a member of the judiciary and Armed Services Committee committees senator thanks very much for joining us tonight what is your read on Michael Flynn’s legal team cutting ties with president Trump’s lawyers could this be a pretty significant development meaning that potentially something may be happening soon with respect to Michael Flynn in that investigation this development could be very very significant we have no inside information as to exactly what’s happening but the point is that there are potentially very very important talks underway between the Flynn legal team and the special counsel and Flynn would have to convince the special counsel he’s going to be fully cooperative and candid and Flynn would have to be satisfied that the deal is worth his cooperating if in fact there is going to be some agreement book remember Michael Flynn is one of the very key people here it was his firing that was involved in my call for a special counsel in the first place I was joined by ten of my colleagues and his potential false statements to the FBI or the reason why Sally Yates then acting Attorney General thought he was a threat to our national security and told the president that he ought to be fired he has very close knowledge of the Comey firing and perhaps likely the president’s State of Mind when he did that filing and you were an attorney general senator what could that potentially mean though do you think at this stage if these lawyers are no longer talking with one another it hasn’t been your experience in the past that that is essentially what is happening that that this side that Flynn’s legal team is now cooperating with the special counsels office that they’re in communication with the special counsels office with would there be other circumstances where that would not be the case what it means at the very least is that in all likelihood Flynn is it lowering cooperation with the special counsel and not only he but also his son who also has highly significant exposed to remember Michael Flynn sought immunity from our congressional committees in order to cooperate so he senses and understands his legal exposure here and the Comey firing occurred after Jim Comey refused to in effect and the investigation of Flynn the president asked him to do it he refused and not long after the Comey was fired in a possible obstruction of justice so this cooperation could well reach into the White House for the first time no one else man afford gates and Papadopoulos have been involved in the White House and potentially the obstruction of justice charge so as a former attorney general I think that this news and these reports have all the makings of a major development difficult to know at this point where it leads and is there enough evidence at this point to indict Michael Flynn based on what you’ve seen so far based on what I’ve seen Michael Flynn is in deep trouble and what we don’t know is the additional charges what we’ve seen is potential perjury that is lies to the FBI five days after the inaugural when he was interviewed by FBI agents and denied contacts with the Russians that reflect on collusion he denied them and then he denied also to vice president pence which was the reason that Sally Eights thought he was so compromised and also his failure to register under the foreign agents Registration Act possible tax criminal violations in connection with his payments from the Turkish government and the Russians so there are a series of potential charges here and I think that he faces some serious exposure and Flynn may be worried about his son’s legal exposure as well this morning Senator Michael Flynn jr. tweeted this gift of the comedian Tracy Morgan with the words everybody calmed down you have reason to believe that Flynn jr. might be in legal jeopardy as well Michael Flynn jr. was a very significant employee of the consulting firm that his father formed general Flynn formed a consulting firm and appointed his son as in effect chief of staff so violations by the consulting firm could be well chargeable to him and White House communications director hope Hicks despite being the communications director you don’t see or hear her very much but she’s a big player inside the White House she is slated to meet with Muller’s team as well what does that tell you at this point about where the special counsels investigation is going would you say behind all of the noise and the public statements there is the inexorable momentum of the Special Counsel and that momentum and impetus are clearly gaining ground here with the Papadopoulos conviction the manna Fortin gates indictments clearly the Special Counsel is moving forward now with interviews in the White House staff they have to be looking at each other and asking who has talked to whom and the interview with hope Hicks indicates a level of seriousness and severity here that I think is pretty impressive at this point and Senator Michael Flynn met with the Russian ambassador the former Russian ambassador Sergei Kiss lyac last year along with Jared Kushner is it possible that Flynn could expose Kushner to legal trouble by cooperating with bola right I suppose that the tentacles can go in all sorts of directions here that’s a really good question and the answer I think is yes because Michael Flynn was part of the White House staff not just a campaign opera I’ve some of that onion joining us now Democratic Representative Mike quickly he is a member of the House Intelligence Committee congressman you obviously are part of the committee doing one of the investigations in Congress into Russian interference as well what do you make of Flynn’s team no longer sharing information with president Trump’s legal team yeah there’s a 10-year criminal defense attorney I can tell you it’s not uncommon for defense attorney teams to share information obviously if one of those teams decides to cooperate and to enter into plea negotiations that’s going to in because of the obvious conflict of interest there is absolutely no way to know for sure that that’s what’s happening in this case it’s an indication that it might be and I will leave it to mr. molars team to take it forward given you are on the house Intel committee do you think there’s enough evidence against Flynn that he could be pleading guilty well he certainly has a lot of exposure for failing to disclose failing to register making false statements so obviously he’s concerned for all these reasons i harken back to what a year and a half ago at the convention in Cleveland I think it was general Flynn who led the cheers lock her up lock her up and referred to mrs. Clinton and at the same time he and president Trump said anybody who seeks immunity must be guilty well I don’t believe that but we’re aware of his efforts to seek immunity so if anything we’re living this morning is that karma can be very difficult and it wasn’t just Flynn being close to the campaign but he was actually the national security adviser for the president for a short time if he is charged and this is a direct connection to the administration is that significant well obviously he’s charged it’s the most significant event so far in this investigation and mr. molars efforts is clear that that the general led the transition team efforts in connection with Russia and that was his focus he’s no longer a member of the Trump administration because it was believed that he misled that particularly the vice-president about his meetings with the Russian ambassador failing to disclose that he allegedly talked to the Russian ambassador about Russian sanctions obviously obviously it was very serious then it’s very serious for the administration now you know your Republican colleagues have made note that this information continues to get leaked is that a concern of yours I don’t think anyone wants an investigation by leaks it’s obviously that their elite coming from the White House from the House and Senate investigations to a lesser extent probably the Moller investigation they need to stop but the fact that leaks are happening I sometimes get a sense from my Republican colleagues that they think that the leaks are more important than the fact that the Russian government successfully hacked into our democratic process to sow discord so they’re both very very important we need to end the leaks we need to know exactly what the Russians did who helped them if anyone and how to prevent it in the future and as you search for those answers your committee has a hearing in the coming week with Eric Prince the former chief of security contractor Blackwater believed to have played a role in trying to set up a secret back channel between the Trump campaign and Russians what questions do you want to ask him yeah I I have strict street instructions as we talk about leaks not to talk about who who were have coming forward obviously he would be one for a variety of reasons that we want to know what exactly what communications took place who is involved what was involved between the Russian government and their cutouts and intermediaries or direct contacts with the Trump associate world real quick want to ask you about this information in a new Vanity Fair article because again you have insight into the intelligence world but they’re questioning the president’s ability to handle classified information as it pertains to sharing in formation with the Russians now it’s been widely reported that the president shared information with a couple of senior Russian officials in that oval office meeting after he became president but Vanity Fair’s reporting that even before he took office the CIA actually warned Israeli intelligence aying that they had come to believe Putin had leverage over Trump how damaging is this to Intel gathering in cooperation clearly the administration even before took office did not understand how important the intelligence community was they were attacking them and they clearly didn’t understand how important preserving intelligence and sharing it with our allies and a protected basis was and even is today the fact is that the president United States says something he’s not breaking any rules obviously he’s the one that can decide what gets out there it’s no longer classified but obviously sharing this information at the wrong time makes our allies less willing to share extraordinarily sensitive information with us and overall it makes us less safe Democratic Representative Mike Quigley good to see you thank you for joining us any time thank you major development in the Russia investigation lawyers for former national security adviser Michael Flynn are no longer sharing information with the president’s lawyers and this could mean Flynn could be cooperating with Special Counsel Miller’s investigation or even planning to plead guilty here now Republican Representative Charlie dent of Pennsylvania congressman thanks for being here thanks Anna great to be with you a belated Thanksgiving and happy Thanksgiving to you and your family I want to get right to this new reporting on Michael Flynn it could be an indication we’re learning that he is cooperating with prosecutors or even negotiating some kind of deal what’s your reaction well it’s it’s pretty clear to me that the director Muller is really not tipping his hand too much to any of us so we’re all simply speculating I think as a member of Congress what I’ve been most concerned about with this whole Russia situation is this that President Trump has been far too conciliatory towards Vladimir Putin who has been a very bad actor whose behavior is bad he’s trying to break up NATO unravel the European Union meddling in our elections and other in the elections of other nations and we’re trying to understand why nobody seems to understand this and and I think part well I think that’s a big part of what the Moller investigation is all about it just seems that this administration at least should say the president has a an untraditional or less conventional view toward Russia even though many people within his administration do have a more conventional view so your secretary mattis or McMaster or Tillerson and I think this is a again there’s speculation and that’s this is what I suspect director Muller is investigating you know whether or not there was actually any collusion between the campaign and and and in the Russians we don’t know that if that is in fact the case but it’s mystifying and bewildering to many of us who have a nice you know this more traditional view of Russia and we all want good relations with Russia by the way we’d like to see a good relations with Russia but Russian behavior must change in order for our policy to change okay so Flynn obviously was a member of the current administration no more but do you worry about the fallout if he pleads guilty to some kind of crime well I’ll tell you what I would be concerned if I were perhaps in the White House yeah I would be concerned and it’s clear that when when members of your family there the president has you know one of his own family members I know who’s been subject to much of this discussion his son Flint son has some exposure as I understand it so when families are involved you know people are going to do what they have to do to protect themselves and their families and so I don’t know that anybody should feel particularly comfortable right now I would not be very relaxed anytime there’s a an FBI investigation of our serious investigation of an individual you better be very nervous better be very worried and you better be very careful and it becomes very time-consuming it’s a motional exhausting and and these things tend not to end well I want to ask you some questions closer to Capitol Hill about senator Al Franken apologizing again after another allegation a woman came forward saying he grabbed her rear end during a photo op in 2010 so obviously he was already a senator then he says he feels terrible that he has made some women feel badly you used to head the house House Ethics Committee do you think this apology is enough well as I understand that the Senate Ethics Committee is investigating and and will we’ll see what they find I’ll tell you what one thing I learned is chair of the House Ethics Committee was this I often look at cases where there was a hostile work environment was there harassment discrimination or some type of other misconduct compelling staff to do things that you know we’re not appropriate those are the kinds of things I often looked at and you know in the case of Senator Franken I I don’t know that at least what I’ve read so far what I’ve seen in news so far that any of these actions occurred in his official office some of these actions or these allegations have occurred while he was a senator but didn’t seem to be occurring in his office so I suspect all these things have be taken into account and there’s one provision in the house rules anyway that’s always a fallback that any member that brings discredit upon the house can can be sanctioned and by the way there are only four sanction and that the house can impose expulsion censure reprimand and a letter of reproval and that’s it and in the history of the house by the way there have only been five expulsion so I think three during the civil war wandering Abscam and of course James seldom that is used is there enough accountability in the ethics investigations I mean is this all for naught oh sure I’ve been involved with investigations you may remember the Charlie Rangel gate case from several years ago he was censured I was on this committee at the time and and no good deed goes unpunished I remember he sued me and five other members we went all the way the Supreme Court on that I remember we reprimanded a member from California for for her you compelling her staff to do things that they weren’t supposed to do and I remember I laid out the allegations on the House floor and the and the the sanctions and the facts and for that and I was called a liar and so the point is we do take action from time to time you know expulsion is for the most extreme cases but let me when John Bainer was speaker by the way one thing he did he he had a pretty low tolerance very low tolerance for remember misbehavior or misconduct and oftentimes members on their own resigned or sometimes it was forced or representative Conyers resign well that’s up to those members I think in both cases there should be an investigation you know I leave it up to the members to make that decision for themselves but I will tell you that I’ve been involved with cases over the years we had a member who had used cocaine a few years ago and he resigned and we had a resignation in the house a little over a month ago we’ve had other members resigned one who had taken his shirt off inappropriately photographed himself and there may have been other issues he resigned you may remember a member who was investing nude photos so let me ask you about him your thoughts on that situation should he be held accountable in some way well again that situation struck me as a as a communication between I looked like two consenting adults that’s how I understand it it was certainly very bad judgment again this the house rules do have this provision that talk about bringing discredit upon the house I would just simply say that I suspect that the committee could end up reviewing that situation as well I again I think that the irony in that position I certainly wouldn’t be wanting to come back to Congress as a seek reelection but again I think at that point when you get in these types of discussions as to whether or not a member should resign that often occurs at the speaker level to see the best way to sort that out but until then yet we have to let the members make their cases in the committee and we’ll see where it goes and we will continue to follow along Republican representative charlie dent thank you so much for your time Thank You Hannah thank you so much all right there’s a lot to break down now in this Michael Flynn development so let’s bring in our panel CNN national security analyst samantha vinaigrette she served on President Obama’s National Security Council Rebecca Berg is CNN political reporter and Paige paid a CNN legal analyst and criminal defense attorney good to see all of you alright so Paige let me begin with you because the president’s attorney says don’t assume this means that he is cooperating you know don’t assume it really means anything but then why else might Flynn cut ties in terms of dialogue with the White House Fred there’s only one conclusion that I would reach being a criminal defense lawyer for over 20 years and that is that Flynn is in fact cooperating or about to start cooperating with the government I have been in many joint defense agreements like this and it is common in a federal investigation for multiple targets or potential subjects for their lawyers to share information about the course of the investigation evidence that they’re developing for their defense it’s very common the only reason you would peel away from that you would back out of that agreement is if you have a deal with the government and you’re joining that team and I don’t think it’s preliminary I mean you can have discussions I’m sure Flynn’s lawyers been talking about a potential plea deal back when he was asking for immunity he’s been under investigation remember well before the special counsel even started in this process so they’ve been talking about a deal and to me this means they’ve reached the point where he’s agreed to do something and now he’s trying to cooperate and Samantha it was just six months ago that Flynn’s attorney said he would plead the fifth unless he was granted immunity he didn’t get that you know if Flynn is cooperating does this mean the special counsel Muller could be cutting a deal well based upon my four years at the White House I’m guessing that there are people in the West Wing that are very nervous right now and here’s why the national security advisor doesn’t operate as an island and he or she doesn’t operate in a vacuum every meeting including high-stakes meetings are scheduled by someone staffed by summoned someone and typically a formal readout of a meeting is prepared so for example if we were meeting with with the Russian ambassador I would stop that meeting we provide a hormone memorandum for the record and typically the National Security Advisor would in fact orally brief the president in the next day’s morning briefing so my sense is that as it looks like Lin may be cooperating people are getting nervous about what kind of knowledge may be disseminated about who knew what when among those things Rebecca you know Flynn could give investigators a behind-the-scenes kind of glimpse about the campaign and the first few weeks of the administration which would include the FBI director James Comey is firing so you know how big of a distraction potentially might this be for the White House well obviously a huge distraction in fraud the President himself has described these Russia questions as a cloud over his administration and clearly this shows that that cloud isn’t lifting anytime soon and that’s going to be a source of frustration for the White House for the president certainly a distraction from the things that they would like to be talking about but obviously they’ve been dealing with this for weeks and months basically for the whole administration these questions but Flynn is really a new phase for the president because you look at someone like Paul Manafort who was the campaign manager but was only in the fold for a matter of months Michael Flynn is someone who is a very close ally of the president or was when he served in the administration and in the campaign he was a valued surrogate for the president a valued advisor for the president so this really brings everything so much closer to that president himself and that is certainly going to be a distraction for the White House and a source of some great concern I think and then Paige talked to me about what the scope of cooperation would mean might it potentially even open up a new direction of the probe based on what Flynn says that’s certainly possible normally in a situation like this if you have a client who may be cooperating or want to cooperate with the government the lawyer will tell the prosecutor in this case the special counsel’s office look if you give us a deal this is what my clients going to say and I think that information must be significant enough to the special counsel that they’re willing to continue to talk to Flynn’s lawyer about some type of deal because I think based on what’s been reported and what’s been out in the public they had enough information against Flynn to indict him a long time ago so I think that carrot has been put out there by Flynn’s lawyers look you give us something and we have something in return to give you mean Flynn said that early on I have a story to tell at least his lawyer did on his behalf so looks like now he may get a chance to tell it and Samantha you know based on the time working that you’ve had for the past National Security Adviser and and what we know about Flynn’s past in your view you know where is his biggest legal potential exposure well I think he has a lot of legal exposure when it comes to Turkey and I’m guessing as well officials and on par little nervous today as well we know that President Trump actually just spoke with air21 which is ironic and perhaps coincidental but we know that general Flynn registered as a foreign agent of Turkey after he was fired from the White House we also know that Turkish officials tried to pay general plentifully 15 million dollars to kidnap an Islamic cleric so I think that there’s a lot of legal risk there as well as perhaps a lot of implications for us turkey relations and Paige you know there are other reasons why team would you know split off lay out legal parameters why a legal team stopped sharing information with another legal team what might they be Fred I really don’t think there are any significant reasons why you would back out of a joint defense agreement unless you’re cooperating with the government I’ve seen it reported maybe from the president’s legal team that we’ll look sometimes a conflict of interest will develop and you have that’s true that’s when you’re cooperating with the government that’s the conflict of interest so I’ve not seen a situation in my personal career where I’ve had a client or a co-defendant or another target of the investigation say look I’m not going to cooperate with you guys anymore I just because I don’t want to the only reason it makes sense is because there’s some type of cooperation in progress right now in my opinion okay and Rebecca absolutely I mean this at the very least the suggestion here is that Mike Flynn is in negotiations we don’t know for sure that he would be cooperating with Moeller at stage but if you’re the white house watching this unfold the subtext here is that Flynn is prepared to plead guilty in some sense I would be very nervous if I were a member of this administration right now it’s going to move the spotlight back onto the White House in terms of these Russia questions and never something that is a positive story for them all right Rebecca Berg Paige paid Samantha vinaigrette thanks to all of you appreciate it

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