so the folks at origin wanted to sponsor a video featuring their brand-new Genesis system you can learn more about it at the link below but in a nutshell this latest version was just unveiled at CES and our config rocks an 18 core Extreme Edition dual tempered glass side panels dual water-cooled GT X 1080 T eyes and four radiators for cooling not bad for eight thousand eight hundred and eighty one dollars lordy so a machine like this deserves nay demands a proportionally dank battle station to complement it so with our middle school level woodworking skills we set out to build a custom desk for the Genesis let there be RGB light [Music] now with this kind of power 4k gaming is well within our reach but plopping a 4k monitor on a table and calling it a battle station is not the LTTE way so we decided to use one of the del s 718 QL 4k laser projectors that we reviewed recently instead but opting for an ultra short throw projector as your display will introduce some key constraints to a project like this first we realized we would need a really deep tabletop since not only with the projector itself be taking up a lot of key real estate but if we ended up too close to our screen we were concerned we’d feel less like a badass power user and more like a tennis spectator but finding a sufficiently deep and wide desk at a reasonable price isn’t easy or is it this sliding door from our bedroom set is 34 inches deep 7 feet wide and doesn’t have any pesky door like features like a knob hole so we picked up another one of them for 20 bucks and spent then another 20 on some semi-gloss black paint to complement our tower the second thing about using a projector like this is that the image ends up being quite a bit higher than you would typically want and we didn’t want to have to lean way back in our chair just to see the browser search bar the solution a phone book on the chair I mean realistically it’s 2018 what else are you gonna use it for actually I’m just kidding by cutting a recess in the desk and then hanging a dropped shelf we were actually able to get the top of the projector flush with the desktop which looks sick and gets the screen down as low as it can be to create our mounting system we simply used some long bolts and a shelf from Ikea which could actually easily be replaced by a regular piece of wood to save a buck since you’ll never see it constraint number three where are we gonna put the tower normally we’d want to show off a box like this on top of the desk but even with a short throw projector and a super wide table we’d be risking cutting off the view of either the system tray or the start button and letting the Genesis sit on the floor is totally out of the question so since our giant desk didn’t have any legs at this point and since any potential legs would have to be pretty beefy to be proportional we decided to build a custom cabinet for the tower that would double as a table leg so we went to Ikea and bought two alex cabinets for $80 apiece one that we fully assembled and endowed with upside-down feet to rest the tabletop on and another that we completely butchered so that our towers good looks and hot air could shine and blow through finally we added some black anodized aluminum trim to visually unify our ragtag assortment of pieces not to mention to cover up the janky lines that came with freehand in the jigsaw which I guess brings us perfectly to the blue personal let’s just say that building this desk was a learning experience for James the first lesson was that you can tell if a door is hollow or not by how much it weighs and how cheap it is and if you find yourself accidentally in possession of a hollow door that you’re expecting to hang a 33 pound projector from you can beef it up by ripping out the cardboard ballasts and inserting slabs of wood to basically act as like big reinforcing washers lesson number two use molding that says wide is the material you’re trying to cover up the walls of our Alex cabinets are three quarters of an inch thick but the trim we ended up with is only half an inch leaving a lot of exposed wood and nothing is more awkward than exposed wood lesson number three don’t use too much glue unless you want to find your finished desk ruined by hardened gorilla glue bubbles that take the paint off when you cut off finally lesson number four a projector really looks a lot better on a purpose-built projector screen so to do this over we we recommend that upgrade especially if you were trying to recreate this setup with a less bright projector however with all of that said as a proof-of-concept this turned out more than okay we put together a simple plan for how pretty much anyone can set up a giant comfortable custom desk for just a few hundred bucks and we have a bad-ass new addition to our new set not to mention our selection of off hours leisure activities here at the office so big thanks to Origen for sponsoring this video their Genesis system absolutely chews through anything we can throw at it at 4k and looks great doing it the front i/o including ten gigabit USB 3.1 is discreetly hidden behind a sliding cover and the tempered glass side panels are easily swappable with tooless hinges and swanky magnetic clasp of course if you’re into the all aluminum look Origen will paint or laser edge any logo or custom design your heart desires and before we go we should probably also throw an honorable mention to Dell for providing the projector ergo direct for providing this awesome chair that works really well with a nice tall screen and nano leaf for hooking us up with some brilliant decor so thanks for watching guys if you dislike this video you can hit that button but if you liked it hit like get subscribed or maybe consider checking out where to buy the stuff we featured at the links in the video description also down there it’s our merch store which has cool shirts like this one and our community forum which you should totally join

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