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much-anticipated release of classified documents from the Kennedy assassination probe was partially delayed yesterday after a 1992 law mandated the release of nearly 3,000 documents in full late in the evening President Trump held back some items that scholars were most eager to see as for what was released images of CIA surveillance photos from the early 1960s a December 1963 visitors log from President Lyndon Johnson’s ranch in Texas that included a CIA officer and reports that Lee Harvey Oswald obtained ammunition from a right-wing militia group and a memo from FBI director J Edgar Hoover dictated after Oswald was shot quote there is nothing further on the Oswald case except that he is dead among the documents apparently not in the release are on the file on the head of the Dallas CIA office in 1963 the businessman who met with Jack Ruby just before he shot Oswald and several files on notorious anti-castro Cuban exile can I stop for one second Robinson for those of us that have been following this I mean and and reading about it and looking at it and fascinated by and wanting to get to the bottom of it of course I think everybody that’s look at this seriously believes it Oswald acted alone but then said the killing of Jack Ruby is the one thing that has just been the irritant that is not allowed America to put this away I wonder why they’re withholding the Jack Ruby information well you know that’s a good question there was a there was a poll recently that said something like more than half something like 61% of Americans believed there was some sort of conspiracy involved in in the assassination of president Kenneth Kennedy I’m not one of them I believe Oswald acted alone in the assassination but by withholding these 300 documents yet again what the government has done is essentially give more fuel to the conspiracy theories that have been going on for 50 years for longer than that I mean it’s it’s crazy and what I think is behind it is you know the old cya that the CIA and the FBI trying to cover up their mistakes and and the fact that they had but they knew more about Oswald then then they have told us before the assassination and the implication is they should have done something right but the question is how do you why would you withhold the the document that was pertaining to the business person that met with Jack Ruby right before he killed Oswald well I guess based on what I’ve read the problem from the very beginning has been the over classification of the documents and none of us can speculate but I know that this is not just kind of like some fringe problem of people having conspiracy theories it’s because from the very beginning so much was withheld I talked to my parents for example last night because obviously I wasn’t around for this and I consider them very educated informed people who are not prone to conspiracy theories and I said why do you think this has been the case for so many years my mom said well you know he kind of fell forward and based on the direction that Harvey Oswald was standing he shouldn’t have fallen forward he should have fallen back so this is this is something that’s been around for so long and by the fact that they’re still withholding these I think it’s just gonna continue I guess they have another six months for these to come out is that what the decision was yeah yeah and I mean all of our parents Donnie I mean my parents I won’t even tell you who my dad said killed you’ll find out fill in the blank killed JFK but yeah it seems to me get it all out there yeah and and what national security secrets are you protecting fifty four years later it’s ridiculous I’m gonna be sick you know I look I’m a big Oliver Stone fan so I’ve seen the movie oh we all dear what can happen there yeah it was the Billy Goat can I can I be cynical for a second and that we have a commander-in-chief who is the ultimate shiny toy look over here I mean maybe he’s keeping in his pocket for a day or a month when the Russian investigation gets particularly heated to kind of go No look over here yeah because they say why what why not now particularly a guy who you would see he’d be the first one who said look what happened over there so maybe he’s just saving it for a rainy day we also have we also have a president who of course has dabbled in conspiracy theories himself that stopped birtherism of course he was the driving force behind that we saw the footage of him floating the idea that Ted Cruz’s father was somehow involved and there’s no suggestion here that that there’s something that in these documents that he’s going to fulfill Trump’s thoughts about Ted Cruz or his dad but this is something that you know this long plan to be released yesterday and that Trump of course took credit for as he’s want to do for say hey we’re gonna look unveiled the shroud here and here’s all the secrets but yet at the last minute decides well we’ll save some back for April yeah well yeah you know it’s there has been this conspiracy for some time but you look at it now in 2017 when conspiracy theories abound the boy I saw a sick one yesterday people harassing those that were shot at and almost killed in in Nevada at the Las Vegas shooting now being targeted and bullied and harassed and threatened on Facebook and on Twitter saying that you were what tragedy actors or something like that it’s a sickness and this is this is another thing to just as far as policing the sites Facebook Twitter should find those people that are posting that track them down and forever banned them from using their services again yeah meanwhile senator thanks for checking out MSNBC on YouTube and make sure you subscribe to stay up-to-date on the day’s biggest stories and you can click on any of the videos around us to watch more 4 Morning Joe and MSNBC thanks so much for watching

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