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hey guys welcome back so today we’re gonna be doing a Valentine’s Day and makeup look I don’t really know exactly what I’m doing but I have a few different things here we can play with like this Victoria Beckham eye foil that was with Estee Lauder these new little what are these called eyes shadow trios from Smashbox a glitter and then I have a huda beauty palette and then I have some my favorite products here to wear for you guys so yeah we’re just gonna kind of wing it and see what we come up with if you aren’t already subscribed be sure to hit that subscribe button before you leave and turn on the post notification so you don’t miss a video because obviously YouTube doesn’t like to tell people when videos are uploaded anymore so if you want to know when I post just turn on those notifications and yeah let’s just go ahead start playing with makeup and have some fun if you want to see the look that I come up with then let’s just go ahead and get started I kind of went back and forth with what I wanted to do for this video because I was thinking of like a smoked out wing the liner I kind of wanted to do something with glitter it’s really hard for me to decide what I want to do but I washed my hair today and I feel like a whole new woman we tell you guys I’m actually wearing a bra today normally I wear sticky bras because I hate the way bras field mainly okay this we’re getting into a different topic but I feel like some of you can relate to me okay so I’m at 36d and I hate wearing bras with padding like I am well I’m always like I don’t need the extra padding like stop giving me more because I don’t want bigger boobs I just if anything I’d want my boobs to go down like a full size but I finally found my favorite bra a bra that I feel sexy it looks really good it gives just a little bit of volume right here like I’m not trying to have them up to my you know chin so I found a new bra from Victoria’s Secret I was like okay I’ll try it it’s like just a lace bra there’s no padding whatsoever it does have like underwire but that’s what gives you that lift and it it’s cute I’m gonna get down below for you guys cuz it’s seriously like my favorite new bra but it still feels like like I’m supported but I’m still kind of free I don’t know how we got in this conversation but I figured I would share it with you I’m really excited I’m wearing it today so I’m going to take these Smashbox photo-finish lid primer in light so I’m messy because one of my wife foundations broke in my makeup bag and got all over everything I’m moving on I’m using the huda beauty textured shadows palette in rose gold I do really like this palette you have to use your fingers with these which I’m kind of over that phase now I kind of actually don’t mind mainly because I don’t have nails anymore at least for right now but I love the mattes in this palette and I just think they’re so Valentine’s Day I’m going to use the shade Bay and I’m going to put this all over my lid I really like hooter beauty’s products I think she has awesome stuff so taking it all the way in the inner corner and I’m really just making sure that that primer is set now what I’m gonna do is I’m going to take the shade sandalwood here in the palette right here and this is gonna be our transition shade i’m using a sigma tapered blending a 35 and i will be putting this into my crease so i’m just gonna kind of fade this out quite a bit i like this color a lot this is one of my favorite colors so i’m actually gonna go into this Smashbox trio right here and i’m gonna take this shape and this is the pick me trio and the one I’m using is fever dream which is the matte and I’m going to just put this into my crease right below that transition shade and this is gonna add just that little hint of mauve we might lose it with the rest of the stuff we’re about to put on but I figured it wouldn’t hurt just to throw it in the crease now what I’m gonna do is I’m gonna go in with bossy you guys we’re playing with quite a bit of mauve tones today and I’m again I’m gonna take this Y on the outer half and bring it in like so it’s a really pretty color nice way to deepen up your look without going in with like a black then I’m gonna take a more stiff brush this is the Mac 239 s I’m gonna go in with cocoa I’m actually just gonna take this one all over my lid now I’m kind of going back and forth I’m gonna make this cocoa and bossy it’s a little bit more of that the more that mob and just gonna put this all over it’s a little bit patchy let me use a different brush instead I’m going to go over the mac 242 with those same two shades and see how they apply also kind of just carving out my crease with these colors so just take a few times to really get it nice and opaque there we go that one looks better I just like to tilt my head back just see where I should cut that crease now I’m gonna go back in with that Smashbox trio and that matte shade in there and I’m just going to blend out the edges of these eye shadows really lightly I’m using the Sigma small tapered blending brush for this very lightly just blending this out hopefully it blends out same with this side just very lightly now I’m going to take a clean blending brush this is the Mac 217 again I have like so many of these and I’m just gonna go on the edges and just blend this out nicely I think what I’m gonna do now actually is I’m gonna go in with the black which is black truffle and I’m going to use what I want to use you can use this pencil brush yes and I’ll go on with the black so that we’re nice and precise I’m just taking it right on the tip and I’m gonna bring it right here and the outer V so I’m just gonna lightly take this into the crease like that so you can see it just kind of deepened it up a bit the same on this side I kind of do like a little V right here in the outer corner and then I tilt my head back and just really take it into that crease really lightly taking that black in there so what I did now is they went back in with that color from the Smashbox palette and I just lightly went over that black just to kind of blend it a bit mo I am going to use my heart-shaped tape and I’m gonna dot some on the back of my hand and we’re gonna carve out our eyes so I’m gonna take some of my brush again I kind of like to tilt my head back just a little bit and I’m going to just kind of carve out and drag down I saw nikkietutorials do this and now I want to try it I am no nikkietutorials but we’re still gonna test always done like the halo eye where it’s just like boom right here but I haven’t done one where you take the line down and then like do the little edges right here you know I’m saying okay I don’t think it’s exactly like Nicky’s but that’s what we’re gonna do I kind of like that all right let’s move on think I want to take this one right here I’m gonna put this more towards my lash line put this on this part that’s pretty then I’m gonna take a lighter one which I’m going to use steel ‘as smokey storm this is a very pretty color and I’m just gonna put this there and I’m actually I kinda want to mix I’m gonna put this in here kind of have a gradient so this is the purple in the palette or in the trio okay now what I’m gonna do is I’m going to take that brush back with that glitter Shay we use that I’m really gonna make this this area right here pretty pointy that’s kind of pretty okay I don’t hate it I actually kind of enjoy it but the only thing I do want to do is take what’s left over with that pink just kind of take it right here like just a few little specks right there kind of like it looks pretty I went from like that Halfmoon type thing to mostly glitter but I couldn’t help myself I didn’t really like those of smokey storm kind of taking over the crease I liked more of the pink showing through especially for Valentine’s Day so I like that it kind of still did the moon shape but you get more pink and you get a lot of glitter what I’m gonna do is I’m gonna finish this eye off-camera put my lashes on lashes actually for lashes I’m gonna use these from Lily lashes these are meet caramel I love these lashes they’re so pretty really nice and wispy I’m gonna put these on after and then I’ll be right back and we’ll start on our face [Music] oh okay so we’ve got the lashes on as you guys can see I did this I I really like the way that this turned out I think it looks really pretty okay so now I’m gonna move on and do my primer so this is the Smashbox primer water and nothing changed here’s also gonna use the soap & Glory one heck of a blot primer okay so today I’m going to be using the new a NARS natural radiant long wear foundation I don’t think I’ve used it in a video yet but I really love this foundation thinking I’m gonna be this one this is in vanu venue a – vanilla – I know what – I don’t know you know I haven’t used this shape before but I feel like this will be my shade for today what I’m gonna do is pumps them on the back of my hand and I’m gonna take my Beauty Blender and I’m gonna pounce this all over my skin to get a nice flawless base I love this foundation because it’s full coverage but it’s also lightweight it’s just a damn good foundation all that redness just disappear goodbye feel like I mean my favorite part of makeup is the face makeup I love watching my redness just disappear I think it is just so fun so now I’m gonna go in with heart-shaped tape in light neutral and I’m going to put this under my eyes right here in this inner corner and we’re gonna brighten this up so we’re just gonna finish up also going to use this Kat Von D deep brush and I am going to blend out in the inner corner where that concealer is because this is gonna help kind of brighten this area up and not make you look so tired when you do a really intense smoky eye it’s so important to put some concealer in here because it’s just really gonna brighten it up so I’m gonna take this peach perfect powder from Too Faced I’ve mentioned this before it’s one of my favorite powders to set my makeup with and I’m going to put some of this under my eyes first with the beauty sponge or a Beauty Blender because it is a Beauty Blender so this one does have like a little bit of a peachy tint to it that’s why I like it I just got a lot of that mmm oh good at some point there has to be a time where I’ve ingested way too much of this and it’s just not healthy anymore I mean it wouldn’t know what the healthy in the first place but I’m gonna take this big powder brush take just a tad of that powder and hit where I’m gonna be putting bronzer and contour just so it’s all nice and set moving on to bronzer I’m gonna be using the urban decay beached bronzer in bronze this is a gorgeous bronzer bronze back cheek again into contour I’m going to be using this palette that I got from TJ Maxx it’s the profusion contour palette I love this thing you’ve probably heard me talk about numerous times I’m gonna use this color right here and I’m gonna contour my cheekbones it’s gonna contour lightly when I say lightly I mean just with a light hand blush I’m going to be using a toasted cinnamon from the Burt’s Bees I really like this color a lot I think it’s really pretty now I’m gonna go over the anasazi a glow kit and sugar I’m gonna make starburst and marshmallow these two it’s been a minute since I used this so I’m really excited my favorite glow kit that has ever come out I just can’t hold myself living on to browse I am gonna use my makeup revolution brow pomade I love this stuff I say all the time I’m almost out of it so I need to purchase another one but I’m gonna go ahead fill in my brows and then we’ll come back and we’ll finish off this makeup look you want to just take marshmallow actually and just put it right underneath the arch of the brow again I’m just gonna put this like right underneath the arch and kind of just fade it out to the rest of the brow really just make that brow pop I’m gonna go in with bossy in this palette right there and I’m gonna push this up against that lower lash line just make sure you connect it to that wing just so it all kind of flows I’m gonna take a black liner this one I’m gonna use this from cargo ya cargo Cosmetics is in the shade black sea so I’m gonna put this on my waterline then I’m going to do is take my pencil brush so I’m gonna use that matte shade in this matchbox palette and blend out that lower lash line and then what I’m going to do is move on to lips and I’m going to use this Patrick Starr lip liner in edge-to-edge just was his collab with Mac have two liquid lips from a flower Beauty so I’m gonna use this one all over and then this one in the center one I’m using all over is dark and stormy it’s a lot darker so I’m just gonna put that on and instead of putting this in the center I’m actually gonna top it all over cuz I realize how the dark okay guys so that is it for this video I really hope you enjoyed this makeup look if you did don’t forget to give it a thumbs up and let me know down below in the comments and I will see you guys in my next video [Music] did you ever know somebody left the city I’m gonna tell my story [Music]

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