Vegas Revelations What No Ones Talking About!

hey everybody Jason Burma’s here for we are and today we will be discussing the latest developments in the Los Vegas Massacre investigation and let me tell you there is a lot to talk about earlier this week on Tucker Carlson a congressman from Pennsylvania claimed that he had information that was credible that indicated that Isis had come from the southern border and was involved in this Massacre recently I’ve been made aware of what I believe to be credible evidence or credible information regarding potential terrorist infiltration through the southern border regarding this incident terrorist yes sir connections okay so what’s the outline of that would that well they could be well let’s let’s face it Isis twice before the attack Isis war in the United States that they would attack Las Vegas but they I think in June and August and then after the attack claimed responsibility for times now an attorney for the victim’s family members took him to task to her credit we’ve seen no evidence of a terrorist attack and I will ask with all due respect congressman unless you have specific evidence to back that up it seems a bit irresponsible to make that allegation so if you do or make that assertion if you do have any evidence of that I’m asking you right now to share it with us and tell us what that is and I say to her credit because there has been zero indication that Isis was involved in this at all however it does seem like there is something else definitely going on the problem is that this Isis narrative seems to be being used to cover what actually happened now the very next day the Las Vegas Sheriff gave you another press conference and he even addressed the congressman’s question I’d like to see the evidence now that being said he also appeared very distraught and nervous yet again however this time aaron ross of the FBI and the district attorney were not there by design that’s by design i asked him not to attend now the most notable subjects of this press conference were as follows number one the coroner’s report would not be available to the public and it would have to be requested the results of the autopsy the toxicology and the pathology will be provided by the coroner’s office it’s not a matter of public record I realize there’s litigation currently associated with the coroner’s office reference this matter but any information reference those three items will be provided by the coroner’s office nothing’s adding up it’s been four months as you said we don’t even the man’s dead they said he’s a lone gunman lone shooter yet we can’t get the autopsy results it was confirmed that paddock had lost a large sum of his wealth just prior to the attack I put out in the public space that he had lost a significant amount of his monetary wealth in close proximity to one October and that may have a driving factor associated with now this is interesting for several reasons because it may have given a motivation to do what seemed to be a large arms deal you enter the room what do you see an armory an armory so many guns so many magazines stacks and stacks of magazines everywhere just in suitcases all neatly stacked against pillars that were in the room all stacked up rifles placed all throughout all kinds of monitors and electrical equipment yet in there it just looked like almost a gun store it was confirmed that nobody else would be charged in the murder of anybody in Vegas however there could be an indictment and an arrest with another charge in relation to the case as to any other people the FBI has an ongoing case against an individual of federal interest I will not be able to elaborate on that statement as because it’s a pending investigation any further information reference that individual can be provided by the FBI now one has to wonder if this involves panik’s brother who was arrested for child pornography in October now that they have revealed that Patek himself supposedly had child porn on his computer as well you will see that we recovered numerous photographs of child pornography however we can’t be sure as the affidavits for these search warrants remain sealed now I found it odd that the sheriff admitted that they really didn’t investigate anybody but panic because he was dead in the hotel room in fact he even talks about bifurcating resources after they found paddocks dead body um this is a very heavy intensive resource driven investigation we had multiple crime scenes and we have limited resources and all those units but more importantly the suspect was dead it wasn’t like it was a continued active investigation outside with any other players the crime scene was static and so the decision was made to bifurcate to investigative resources in order to conduct a complete investigation now there was a lot of evidence on the radio transmissions that there was indeed another shooter active at the Tropicana okay now I’m getting information of an active shooter at Tropicana industry advise now there’s an active shooter at the Tropicana active shooter at Tropicana Hotel 363 be advised we’re getting multiple calls of active shooters of multiple locations control bri74 I got medics recording as they’re getting shot at Tropicana and there’s even more evidence of this as we see this SWAT team clearing the casino and then we have this very descriptive eyewitness account from inside the Tropicana though shots were going from Mandalay you know the there too really deep really far and then you can hear like a so we’re hearing multiple shots now and this is our first encounter to multiple shots and we’re running across the street and there’s a parking lot Tropicana parking lot so now everybody’s going into Tropicana we’re going through the hallway there’s blood on the walls you can see handprints on the on the doors I mean there is blood everywhere I’m it was it was there was a guy that was on the ground next to the wall who was bleeding and he was he was dead shots fired and Tropicana casino and everybody’s freaking out and you and her and I we heard him they were like they were totally different they were actually ARS and they were suppressed and there were three bursts three bursts inside the Tropicana Casino people who were there inside will tell you that there was that and not happened and none of this indicates Isis in any way but the sheriff did talk about regulating what goes over the police radios from here on out but said it was in the works for over two years and had nothing to do with this event before I close I would like to address an issue number of you were raised about changes to our police radio system and specifically if this will affect your ability to listen to our radio traffic this change has been in the works for two years two years no relation to what October the bottom line is we’re not being told the truth about Vegas and there’s a lot of evidence of multiple shooters at multiple locations however none of this indicates that it was an Isis attack in any way shape or form and I feel this is a road of disinformation that’s being paved for the public as always if you like this video please share it on social media hit that like and subscribe button follow me at Jason burma’s on Twitter and if you can folks go to we are changed org make that monetary donation it’s only through your financial support that reports like this one are possible

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