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Video Gamers Are Today’s Rock Stars

It’s strange for boomers like me to think that people who play video games are the rock stars of today, especially since they were pretty much the opposite in our day. life has a funny way of making big changes while you’re distracted with smaller changes. So many 20th century hipsters were so concerned about the decline of music and war on one new genre after another, that they didn’t see the writing on the wall. In the not too distant future, music as a background to video games will be the job that pays the bills for more songwriters than performing or recording. In fact, we may already be there.

That’s okay. The world changes and this isn’t some grumpy old man railing against the inevitable. The intent here is to highlight the world in a way that many over 40 may not have noticed. The gamer geeks are bigger than the Beatles. If you get the reference to Lennon’s comparison statement, deduct 10 points for being old.

Human beings are spending their lives WATCHING OTHER PEOPLE PLAY VIDEO GAMES! And,in the process of watching other people play video games, with live-streamed self commentary, they are making millionaires and celebrities of the gamers. The biggest names in the industry, (It’s odd that I can even refer to it as industry), IGB,DanDTM, Jackspective, VanossGaming etc., probably sound as odd to old folks as the name of some of our bands did to our parents. These Internet millionaires have tens of billions of video views each. These are generally long video views too. Think about how long your kids or grandkids can play a game if you let them. Consider that ad revenue increases with retention, the longer someone stays glued to the monitor, the more ca-ching the video gamer enjoys. These dude could buy Elvis a Cadilac!

Youtube isn’t even close to the only avenue for these new game celebs. In the most recent edition of the New Yorker, there is a piece titled: How to Get Rich Playing Video Games Online, which highlights a community portal which helping to fuel some popular gamer stars “careers”.(God, that just feels dirty calling it a career).

Here’s a look at the top 10 gamers as of this writing:

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