Was A Giant Bigfoot Caught On Camera In California?

North America has its own monster Bigfoot is a 7 to 9 foot tall man Abe has been sighted in North America for centuries before the European invasion Native Americans were very familiar with this hairy giant that lived in the wilderness Jeffrey Gonzalez his self-described paranormal expert said he heard about Bigfoot sightings from a local farmer the farmer said he saw the creatures and five of us running on his ranch net avocados lank he said that one of the creatures was very tall and noted that was carrying a pig he managed to capture a few pictures but as always they were blurry he seems adamant the photo show a real-life Bigfoot so what are people with the world over witnessing over the years hundreds of photos allegedly showing Bigfoot’s have been captured the whole basis of the reality of the Bigfoot legend rest largely in the hundreds of footprint casts that have been made and collected it would be foolish to assume that every footprint is genuine is the Bigfoot mystery is contaminated by hopes is however it will be equally foolish to assume that every foot printers are homes there have been more than 900 foot prints attributed to bigfoot collected over the years having an average length for 15.6 inches although sightings of large man-like creatures in north america predate the arrival of Europeans reports of footprints however are more recent and there is a mention of large tracks in the early 19th century an early settler by the name of David Thomson cross the Rockies near the present site of Jasper Alberta in the winter of 1811 he mentions coming across the tracks of a large animal the entry in his journal reads continuing our journey in the afternoon we came on the track of a large animal the slow about six inches deep in the ice I measured it four toes or four inches in length the board of the first sunk three inches lower than the toes the hinder part of the foot did not mark well the length 14 inches by 8 inches walking north to south and having passed about six hours we were in no humour to follow him his great size was not that of a bear the sighting of a sasquatch is accompanied by a very strong very foul odor many witnesses state there’s one way you can tell if a Bigfoot is around many claim they’re not seeing bears or other wildlife but rather a giant man aid so what do you think these people are seeing let me know your theories in the comments thanks for watching and don’t forget to subscribe for more videos [Music]

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