We Bought a 100 Year Old Fixer Upper – Man Vs House Ep.1

look at us in this little fancy gear it looks cute hey what’s up everybody Rob and Corinne here and you are watching a brand new series here on thread banger man vs. house and this is it this is our new house oh yes a little bit of a disaster right now actually not really even a house anymore barely and I wouldn’t even call it a new house this thing was built in 1927 and there is a lot to be done so of course he decided to make a series out of it the best part though is that Lowe’s is gonna be helping us out by sponsoring the series and helping us put all this back together it’s a match made and DIY habit and we need all the help we can get especially with the sky out even talking about they know what I’m talking about together we’re gonna be taking this house to a whole other level and making some awesome projects along the way so let’s get started shall we that’s actually I think we should take a little step back in time first so the day we signed our contract picked up the keys and you even carried me over the threshold and here you are we’ve got the living room that goes right into the dining room these are outside lights what are you thinking about this kitchen you need a new gas range with the hood white cabinets with a farmhouse what is underneath this because there’s no reason to have a carpet in the kitchen other than hiding yeah hiding oh yeah there’s no air conditioning so the bathroom is struggling where great this is the bedroom over here mom I need an exterminator also and coming in here this is the second bedroom gotta get that fixed we also need the fireplace to be realized these windows got to be replaced because these are from 1927 check out this backyard this is the deck let’s see what is underneath here I haven’t even looked yet oh we got this like a crazy old this fireplace thing that could potentially be a pizza oven we have a little pond maybe definitely pond potential pond tential look at this right here oh yeah top ground roast beef only 399 this all needs to be replaced we got the basement down here yeah just kick it open thread Bangor Studios is gonna go all right down in here I fit right underneath oh Jesus Christ this is how old the houses this is a coal chute with coals right here you see that guess who’s the proud owner that you are I don’t even know what all this stuff is what is this I own this we we own this whatever this is what is this what is this I don’t know what this does don’t do that I can do yep we definitely have our work cut out for us and tomorrow is demo day starting at 8:00 a.m. in the morning so I’m excited we’re doing it I’m gonna buy the biggest hammer they have what are you gonna get comedy no no no no that yet nope not yet getting demolition supplies come on already no this is your section because you’re a tool no you always need a bucket for help and check out this thing yeah yeah okay no there’s the really long hammer these good question sledgehammers okay awesome you know the thing that I like about Lowe’s they actually have people in their stores to help you very nice yeah striking tools oh yeah give me crazy eyes oh yeah here’s Johnny have a little axe fight right here okay [Music] respirators these are cool glasses right here I want those too yep those too I’ve got some hard hats hold on let me get the sledgehammer and see if it works now I’m gonna try it with you all right we did it we got all of our necessary destruction that supplies and safety gear back to the house it’s official they’re starting with the tractor it is today don’t mess this up I’m not talking [Applause] that was awesome Bob thank you for letting me grab the tractor we had a pool of contractors come through but bob was the coolest mainly had to do the fact that I told him I’d let him drive the machine that was pretty much tear the rest of this house up all right I’m not sure whether or not the power is hooked up on this one kidding this is the insulation that they used back in the 20s when they are building this house oh this is a t-shirt in clothing from a murder [Music] Wow it all makes sense they buried them in the cold chamber the clothes they stuck in the walls so that nobody would find them I knew it we got the floors getting ripped up termites all just coming down they one demo complete killing it I was exciting we got the kitchen done with that things over with found some Treasuries yeah Robbie did a hell of a job thanks to good that’s the problem well that’s all we got for you have this week on man vs. house be sure that you join us next week as we try to slowly remodel and renovate this home into the home of our dreams we’re also gonna be starting some Pinterest worthy DIY projects next week and hopefully starting to put things back together in here as well yeah the roof I think that’s the first thing we need to put back together this is what they talk about when they say take it down to the studs huh yeah this is that are you feeling snuggly this was a terrible idea by the way thank doing this for Lowe’s oh this was your idea this was my idea you [Music]

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