We Try Tiny Cooking

this is some version of hell so today we’re trying to any cooking I didn’t realize quite how tiny everything was I even never made anything this tiny before as a tasty producer I am confident in my cooking abilities today I’m going to be making a steak and mashed potato dinner clearly we don’t have a lot of steak today so today I’m making spaghetti and meatballs normally if I was making spaghetti and meatballs I would make the meatballs first but I think I’m going to test this stove by just trying to boil water I just want to see how long that takes so today I’m making omurice ooh okay so I’m gonna start with making rice because that takes the most of the time I’m gonna cut these up fairly small into a nice fine dice I’m not gonna bother peeling the potato because I feel like that would be an absolute nightmare is this a cooking utensil or did this come with the stove is this possibly to make the candle closer to the top I bet that’s what it’s for I don’t think it’s actually how it works and we’re gonna want this really really tiny very fine make sure it’s cooked through oh yeah okay so this is cooked okay now I’m gonna make meatballs I usually am not very good at making my meatballs evenly sized but when they’re this small it’s like a difference of being the same size or three times the size Wow it’s bubbling look at that steam okay so chickens cooked so I’m going to add onion next camera oh you got some steam coming out of the top look at that or maybe the whole thing is just on fire and I just like a light an extra flame next to it is that an option we’re just speeding things up no I’m gonna season this with salt and pepper oh it’s making a lot more noise now so you have to cook with all of your senses I like doing things with tweezers it’s a lot of fun so far so good I am very confident it’s an usual to be sitting while cooking you know I give it a little taste my salt proportion the way off if you figured out the true scale of this these would each be like that thickness have a hot dog I have my seasoned steak I’m ready to go I’m ready to sear just want to make sure everything’s in order because this is gonna be really fast whoa did you see that time to cook the meatballs I can tell it’s gonna get pretty hot in there these are like done in no time I guess that’s the that’s the real benefit of tiny cooking oh I’m getting close to burning actually I think it’s actually overcooked now what cuz they can do wrong together yeah it actually smells amazing I’m happy with this oh okay feel like everything falls so smooth yeah it’s kind of sticked on the bottom cuz I wanna make nice folded I go ahead and season my meatballs a little bit with some pepper here shit Wow it’s magnificent here comes the grand finale when I create a neat pile oh look at that really looks like spaghetti and meatballs hey what do you think let’s give this a try seasoned perfectly and I’m already done so small does it taste like anything yeah you should eat it right it’s pretty cute I’m not gonna lie it’s a lot of fun I think I think it did the best I could I nailed it yeah will I do it again probably not it’s kind of annoying [Music]

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