What Are The Weirdest Unsolved Internet Mysteries?

What are the weirdest unsolved internet mysteries? Do you know what an internet black hole is? Is there internet that is deeper than the dark web?

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there’s nothing like a good unsolved mystery to get the mind going when we think of such mysteries the first thing that often spring to mind revolve around them a cop for instance who was behind the identity of Jack the Ripper the man that eviscerated women on the streets of London sometimes with a surgeon’s precision or where did Malaysia Airlines flight 370 disappeared to was it shot down by the US military hacked by North Korea or are its passengers currently residing on an alien spaceship who was behind the assassination of JFK who was the Zodiac killer who was behind one of the biggest cyber attacks in history what became known as the wanna cry hack today we are going to focus on computer technology in this episode of the infographic show weirdest unsolved internet mysteries don’t forget to subscribe and click the bail bond so that you can be part of our notification squad number 10 internet black holes yes you heard that right there is such a thing as internet black holes it’s very much a real thing and like a black hole in space we only really know they are there because they swallow things up they are easily explained however tech people have simply described them as places of where packets vanish in 2008 Wired reported that hackers were busy creating these black holes rerouting traffic towards them and surreptitiously collecting valuable data while we can’t say this is an unsolved mystery we don’t exactly know how many black holes there are out there number 9 October 28th 2011 calm this one is creepier in 2011 a website appeared called October 28 2011 calm on the site there seemed to be some cryptic messages as well as a picture of Schrodinger’s cat and pyramids there was also a phone number when the date of the site passed the site stayed online and that’s when things got strange people called this number reporting that what they heard was very creepy noises muffled voices or the sounds of what seemed like something heavy being dragged on the floor others said they got voicemail you can of course check domain information for this site and that takes you to a business called new media investments inc located in Kingstowne alabama although it seems Kingstown is in the British Virgin Islands no such company seems to exist though number eight who created Bitcoin yes bitcoin might be booming at time of writing anyway but we still don’t know who created it why has this remain such a mystery we do know that the cryptocurrency was created by an alias that goes by the name of Satoshi Nakamoto he sounds Japanese right but this person or persons rights only in flawless English and uses terms such as bloody something or other that sounds quite British British tabloids reported in January that indeed this person is a mystery but whoever is behind the name could be one of the richest people on the planet number seven velour poor Tamaulipas reporting on Mexican drug cartels is no joke and those that do could find themselves dead so if you’re going to try and bring down the cartels and any kind of corruption supporting them then there would be no better way to do it than doing it anonymously this person or persons uses social media to expose the cartels and the cartels are not happy they even handed out flyers in Mexico offering an almost fifty thousand dollar reward for information on the group numerous threats were made while the group was active with criminals actually kidnapping torturing and killing someone who supported the group thankfully for velour Tamaulipas no one ever found out who they are number six snuff videos we apologize here for discussing the extreme and sadistic nature of mankind at times but the question has often been asked if snuff films actually exist a snuff film shows a real-life murder that can be purchased for entertainment a few years ago videos showing child rape and torture appeared on the dark web for sale which became one of the biggest and grisliest internet mysteries ever known to man we won’t stayed in graphic detail what these films contained as it is unspeakable but we can’t say that these films did exist although they were considered for a time urban legend no one was murdered on film but murders did take place off film an Australian man named Peter Scully was arrested for the crimes while this was solved we now must ask what horrible videos are out there in the dark web and which are real and which are fake that’s a McCobb mystery that shouldn’t belong in this world number five the dark web so what is the dark web do we know what’s on it it’s part of the World Wide Web but to access it you’ll require special software and you’ll need to be given access by approval this is a place where drugs are sold for guns hired killers or even the after mention nasty videos in fact it’s been said that 96% of the web isn’t accessible via standard search engines but as Wired magazine points out there is a big difference from the Deep Web and be darknet sites where criminality takes place we don’t quite know exactly what is going on in the dark web so it still remains a bit of a mystery number four Mariana’s web so we have the Deep Web and then harder to find then that is the dark web what’s below that the answer is Marianas web if it exists it’s named after Marianas Trench the deepest part of all the world’s oceans in the western Pacific Ocean some say it’s a hoax others are still trying to find it number three Markovian parallax denigrate this mystery goes back to the mid-90s when word puzzles appeared on Usenet the word salads to some seemed like nonsense and to others our great mystery with some meaning this has even been called the Internet’s oldest and weirdest mystery why is that because in spite of numerous experts that attempted to decode the puzzles they all couldn’t quite properly figure them out some people think the messages were left by the government while others said journalists and CIA asset Susan Lindauer was behind them it’s also been said that they are nothing but nonsense and whoever made them was one of the Internet’s first great trolls number two unfavorable semi-circle this comes so high on the list because it has been hailed as youtube’s greatest ever mystery this is because in 2015 and 2016 thousands upon thousands of videos appeared on YouTube belonging to this channel sometimes a new video every few minutes they were often the thing of nightmares weird spooky with strange sounds or strange voices but the sheer volume of them had internet sleuths in a tizzy they were all posted with the sagittarius zodiac symbol and also a random six digit number no one has ever figured out what they mean if anything or who was behind them YouTube eventually suspended the account for violating its Terms of Service and finally number one cicada 3301 this one is our favorite and has rightly been called the most elaborate and mysterious puzzle of the internet age it was basically a test for very clever code breakers that first appeared in 2012 somebody or a group started posting puzzles or games on the internet as a way to recruit smart folks they were so difficult that people have said the CIA or mi6 is behind them not only were the puzzles automaticall but people also have to have a good knowledge of psychology literature philosophy science and religion a few people actually did solve the puzzles some of those that did said the organization asked them some questions but nothing else happened the end of the puzzle was in the dark web but there appeared a post from the organization that stated they were disappointed people had only solved the puzzles in groups rather than individually government cult or some highly intelligent human no one really knows who created these puzzles so can you add to this list or tell us what you know about the ones we’ve listed let us know in the comments also be sure to check out our other video called what happened to Malaysia Airlines flight 370 thanks for watching and as always don’t forget to Like share and subscribe see you next time

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