WHAT Crash Landed Over The Antarctic?

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[Music] hey what’s up guys Tyler here with secured team and in today’s strangeness happening around the world I want to start off with a discovery off the coast of Antarctica on a small stretch of icy mountains separated from the continent and surrounded by the frigid waters where it almost appears as if something has crash-landed down on the snowy surface below so what we’ve discovered here is located again in a little island chain known as South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands and as you can see here it is located right at the northern tip of Antarctica and just southeast of Brazil and before we get started here this island here which is basically just a piece of Antarctica that it seems floated away potentially millions of years ago due to tectonic movements is the exact same surface structure as Antarctica mountainous covered in ice and snow nothing there completely barren that was until we discovered this and what appears to me at least to be some sort of massive elongated or cigar-shaped object that at some point and we don’t know when came to a screeching halt in the snow leaving behind it almost a thousand metre long trail and what’s even more interesting and we’ll get to this object in a minute is what the trail leads to so here we are on Google Earth and it looks as if this imagery was taken back in 2011 so we can see if this massive object is directly next to this huge mountain peak here and you’ll notice that leading back from the trail that this object created moving across the snow and ice it appears as if there’s some damage that has been done to the side of this mountain where we can see this wave of debris extending outwards from the mountain itself with the main object and trail coming out of it smashing its way in very sharp trail that’s another thing about this path that this object has carved out it’s very sharp and it doesn’t look like your typical trail made by a snowball or you know just a piece of ice tumbling and rolling across the hillside this trail here is extremely sharp it almost looks like it was created by something artificial something flat and almost as you would think if something had wheels on it or I guess you would think of a bobsled where it has the metal sled bars on either side and that’s exactly what we’re seeing here but this object is definitely not a vehicle with the wheels or any kind of bobsled because we’ve measured it and the object itself comes to around 63 meters in length from end to end and so back to this area of a mountain here that some of said looks as if this object came down from the sky and hit it actually breaking away parts of the mountain as seen from this debris field as if it’s been ejected outwards taking this massive chunk out of the side of it and the ejecta spreading outwards and curving to either side with the normal rocks and pieces of ice and mountain stopping all around the same distance from one another the only thing that actually went further is this mysterious object because it apparently had the force needed to continue on this trail of over a thousand meters before finally skidding to a halt and so let’s go back to this object here and I’m going to show you soon didn’t shout of this trail just so you guys can see how clear and cut and precise it is and as you’re seeing this I mean to this day even with a lot of this snow being blown over it the trail is completely visible for the most part to clear cut razor sharp lines leading up to this mystery cigar shaped object here that obviously looks as if it’s been also covered in snow and ice over who knows days months even years depending on when this satellite imagery was taken and so we can see on top of it we have a lot of rigid and sharp ends also casting shadows over to the side even the shadows themselves at their longest specifically this one at the end measure around 12 meters long which gives us sort of an idea of how tall this object is we already know how long it is now the width between these two tracks here comes out to around nine meters giving us a further idea of the width of this object so nine or ten meters across and almost 70 meters long with the trail left behind it of around a thousand meters leading back to this broken Mountain here and again guys we’ve got a lot of theories as to what this could be something that came from the air and crash-landed or something that actually came from the mountain itself or something that was buried potentially below or in the mountain for who knows how long that decided to break free making its way across the snowy plain here before coming to a stop for whatever reason we don’t know if it even did come to a stop because again this is just a single snapshot taken by a satellite orbiting the Earth so we don’t have multiple shots after this as to how far the object went whether it was actually stopped in its tracks or whether it was in the middle of moving as the satellite image was taken but one thing’s for sure I don’t see any other tracks or anything that would lead me to believe that this area has been visited by mankind I don’t see any installations anywhere the shape of this thing and the sheer distance of just how far this thing moved leads me to believe this is not a piece of the mountain or a chunk of ice because as we see back at the area where it looks as if the mountain has been broken potentially by this object itself we see that most of the ejecta has been blown out and reaches its final resting point maybe 20 meters out from the mountain while this other object goes nearly a thousand meters so it’s a big mystery and you know it almost reminds me of a submarine or something like that and so that’s another question could it be a submarine that got stuck in the ice but then again why would Submarine be on land underneath the ice it’s mountainous it’s frozen I I don’t see any reason for a submarine and again what a submarine will create such an explosion in the side of this mountain and I guess that’s the question I want to ask you guys today so what is this anomalous object in the middle of nowhere depicting almost what looks like a crash landing clipping the side of this mountain I will put the coordinates to it down below and you can feel free to head over and check out yourselves in the meantime let’s get to some other news today we have some new reports of rivers now drying up or disappearing overnight from areas in the United States now if you filed a channel you know they’ve been talking about a lot of the beaches around the world where people have woken up to seeing their shores completely bone dry of water leaving sometimes hundreds of fishing boats stranded on the muddy dry surface below a phenomenon that seems to be increasing around the beaches all over the globe and now we have a new report of water disappearing from both the Pamlico and Neuse rivers in North Carolina where both of these two tidal rivers that flow into Pamlico Sound in North Carolina were found to be almost completely dry and what some are saying was caused by quote strong winds and you’re seeing some photographs here showing these rivers completely bone dry with the boats sitting down on the dry riverbed below here are some more very high res images taken from the Jane Lassiter Facebook page so awesome images provided by her where she titles the post of this quote we don’t have high low tides we have below tides again relating back to the idea that the wind is blowing these waters away and from a lot of people who live around this area that I’ve spoken to this is not something that happens all the time this is something new and that they are definitely not used to and so as you’re seeing here here’s an image of a boat sitting here taken from downtown Washington North Carolina dry docks muddy tires sticking out of the dirt below water completely vanished it was just there the day before and apparently according to other reports I’m reading this is happening across the globe with other river banks drying up overnight with the so called strong winds as the culprit so what do you guys think you couple this with all of the other instances of dry riverbeds creeks lakes and oceans Shores that have been vanishing lately leaving many locals to these areas who understand that the tides come in the tides come out but this is almost something different as I said earlier there’s just something different going on here so with that lastly today we have a video of a UFO sighting of yet again another unknown object seen passing the moon on a viewers telescope and it happens real quick so check this out [Music] good-looking okay so this was posted by the YouTube channel skipper Moynihan but the video titled quote not sure why moon UFO or Sat meaning satellite now if you’ve watched a couple of our past videos you’ll know this is eerily reminiscent of some other telescopic footage that we posted showing another one of these massive circular shadows or objects traversing the moon and I posted another clip of that in a recent video where the object can be seen turning making this sort of L shape moving directly above the lunar surface now in this case here with this new footage I can’t be sure whether this object is closer to the moon or whether it’s in space somewhere could this be an orbiting satellite some have said that this object looks more triangular in nature than circular I will leave that up to you guys as I’m showing you this still image I’m trying to get the closest contrast-enhanced shot of the object as possible now as to why the viewers stopped recording just as the object had appeared he said that quote I had bumped my phone which was attached to the telescope however what he did do was upload a second video after he had begun recording again where in which he captured the object actually leaving the bottom of the moon as you’ll see here [Music] you saw right there right there right there down my left right there it’s gone and so yeah I don’t know what this is guys but it certainly is at this point an unidentified flying object so we will add it to the file in the list of mysterious objects seen traversing the moon I think that everybody if you can and have the means should invest in a telescope as well as a system that allows you to record and hopefully we can get more great footage like this so again big thanks to the viewer I’ll put the links to all of these videos down below and with that that is all I have for you guys today so tell me what you think the strangeness continues around the world and as such we will continue documenting it here so be sure to subscribe on your way out if you haven’t yet stop by and check out our secure team merch support the channel as YouTube continually D monetizes channels like ours who are trying to get the truth out support us on patreon if you like all the links to that down below I really appreciate it guys and let’s keep this channel going so have a great rest of your night and I will see you all back in just a bit [Music] [Applause] [Music]

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