What Heaven was like when I died – Nathan Wheeler

IMPORTANT – Please watch the series titled: “MY TESTIMONIAL” after you have watched this video. This particular “Video Series” is THE work the Angel told me to do. Thank you and God Bless.

The views express in the video are my own and are base on my personal experience. This is the second video of the “Truth Me Free” series. It attempts to answer the questions posted by viewers on the first video. In this second video I, Nathan Wheeler, describe what Heaven was like when I died in the Hospital on 8/2013.

Upon my arrival to Heaven I was greeted by 4 very large men that I believe to have been angels. I’d like to add that they did not have wings. lol. If it has wings its a Cherubim. They (the angels) showed me around a town square and brought me to a building that resembled the Jewish Temple of the Temple Mount. The roof was flat and had gold twisted pillars with Olive leafs and olives at the top and bottom. These pillars were NOT the main pillars that held up the entrance but were on the top flat surface above the entrance as decoration.

Upon my unaided-return-to-life I brought back with me a message of how great heaven is and that both God and Heaven are indeed real. I spent most of my life doubting Heaven (never God) but obviously now I do not have any doubts about either.

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Truth Me Free Video #1 : Nathan Wheeler – Near Death Experience


hey everybody my name is Nathan wheeler and this is truth me free so thank you for tuning in this is the second video I’m going to try to answer the questions that I got from the first video by just telling you my story because that’s what everybody’s questions were about is what was it like on the other side obviously that’d be the number one question I would have myself so I’m going to tell you the story of what it was like on the other side and what information or understanding I brought back with me because honestly that is the most important thing so here we go when I came to on the other side I don’t there was no white light tunnel there was no family greeting me I didn’t have that experience but obviously I wasn’t meant to be there permanently I felt like I was kind of I had a welcoming party there for me and it was for gentleman the shortest one was about six foot five the tallest one was about eight foot and the other two were in between there they were all dress the exact same way and they were this white kind of Roman garb like a like a robe but not like a politician more like a soldier off duty they were definitely more soldier in style than politician style and that to me is very important detail definitely the tallest guy had like these kind of Roman straps or designs on his his I hate to call it a skirt but kilt or whatever you want to call it and in and they were like brownish with gold tracing um and then he had like a brown belt like I don’t know if it was leather but it looked leather ish let’s say um I was being shown around a town square in an environment I would call very heavenly basically it appeared as though we’re walking on a cloud which is why I think it’s really interesting that whenever people paint pictures or they talk about heaven they talk about walking on a cloud or it’s in the clouds however it was not a cloud I’m going to explain and I think this is really interesting because when I was there there’s a white light that fills the air it’s it’s almost like it has a text to it because there’s like a thickness like a cloud when you see something go deeper into a cloud it begins to become harder to see well in this environment the light doesn’t have a source there’s not a Sun in the sky there’s not lamps on the street there’s just light everywhere and it comes it seems to be coming from every direction or just hanging out in the air in a weird way and when I was talking to these gentlemen I couldn’t even see their feet because the light was so bright it was you would just be blinded to their feet and so I could imagine that if I tried to paint that it would look like we were walking on a cloud but we weren’t walking on a cloud there was a solid ground um there was a mountain ridge in the background of the city that we were at and when we finished our tour around this city we stopped near a building which I feel is very significant building so I’m going to describe it to you as best I can it was about probably 60 feet 70 feet tall or so but I don’t know how far away it was so that’s that’s what I felt it was and on the far if you’re looking at it on the far left side I only saw the upper left corner of it because of the light and in the distance between us and what I saw kind of poking out was this corner and it was a flat front and it was a flat roof and it had this pillar that twisted and at the top of the pillar that twisted it had a very simple leaf design with olives and at the bottom of the pillar it had the exact same design again then I understood that when I woke up not there but when I woke up I understood that that meant that that building was referencing the nation of Israel because in the Bible it always references the nation of Israel as the olive tree so I understood that when I woke up but when I was there the other important thing that I want to mention is I never had a single thought of earth and life not one single thought was in my head and as I was walking in this plane um I felt as though they these gentlemen would would mention people that I would know they would mention their names or they would mention names of people that I had heard of before and never thought of those people as people I knew on earth and remembered living with them on earth I always knew of them only in our heavenly plane and it wasn’t a beginning to me knowing them and there wasn’t like a it was just kind of like I always have known them and I’ve always and I knew them more as a brother or a sister not as like a friend not as like a mother or dad or anything like that so I thought that that was really interesting as well which is why I’m sharing it um when I did finally stop at this building that had the flattop um now being back here I absolutely understand that the symbolism of them showing me or stopping at that building is the fact that it reminds me of the Third Temple that I believe is soon to be built in Israel and the significance of that building in that reference to the Third Temple and us stopping there and then the large angel who was about eight feet tall turning around and yelling at me telling me to go to work and this is what he was telling me to do I don’t remember the details by any means but I already knew everything he was telling me to do because it was all the things I’ve heard my whole life from God to do so it was just basically I was being yelled at saying generally like this while you you’ve known that you were supposed to do this you know that you’re supposed to tell people that you know that you’ve learned this knowledge and this information and you know that you’re supposed to go and share that with people as you were saying that to me I only understood it as I was going to go in that heavenly plane and share it with people and even though he was yelling at me like he seems kind of really Stern he wasn’t angry but he was like very stern like you really wanted me to understand the importance that I had to go and do this and again I only understood that I was supposed to do it in that heavenly plane because again I did not have any memory or reference to earth I was only in that plane as he begun to finish telling me this though commanding me to go and get to work I left that heavenly body that I had which was a completely different body than this one I think it looked a little better and it was definitely a little bit more manly and strong so that was kind of cool um but I kind of got sucked out my spirit got sucked out of it and I was standing about fifty feet away kind of watching the whole scenario go down I had the three other angels to my directwrite almost in a line side-by-side to each other and then I had the large angel kind of front left and he was tilted over me and I was looking up at him and he’s pointing his finger at me and as he was doing this and I got sucked out about 50 feet away I’m watching the scene and that’s when I really noticed the temple behind us and the mountain ridge in the background and then all of a sudden where my spirit is 50 feet away a porthole opened up or like a vortex opened up and I all of a sudden like just got sucked into it and the whiteness of that world became blackness and then the blackness kind of faded into a whiteness and as it faded into a whiteness I woke back up into this world that was when everything became foreign because while I was on the other side there was no I never had a single sense that I was in a foreign place when I was in heaven it was like I had been there for eternity I I recognized it I knew it you know there may have been things that were new to me which is why they were showing me the town square but I didn’t ever have the feeling that it was foreign or unfamiliar but when I woke up here and I had this nurse leaning over me he was wearing green scrubs I was like where am I and why is this guy dressed funny and why am I in the worst pain I’ve ever felt in my frickin life it was the most horrific pain you could ever feel at least what I think you could and this is what it felt like if you could imagine a clogged drain just completely clogged and you would have to take like a knife or a pick and just shove it down the drain to unclog it that was how every single basically vein in my body felt and as the blood was trying to pump back through every frickin ventricle and cell in my body it felt like it was just being like beat through and it was so painful it lasted about a minute a half so I kind of feel like I was I kind of imagined it to be like what it would feel like when we were babies and we’re born into the world you know we’re floating around in our moms for nine months and then all the sudden we get crammed through this hole and we pop back out I kind of feel like basically this was a second birth for me and finally the pain went away and my memory started to come back and I realized oh yeah I used to be alive oh yeah this is Earth oh yeah I’m Nathan wheeler oh yeah this sucks because now the only thing I wanted was to go back home I wanted to go back to the other side so bad that immediately like depression realizing that I was being forced to come back to life to do something I know that sounds like a blessing now but it was not a blessing to be not in that place it’s it’s torturous um and when I finally came to the nurse that told me you were gone for about you know six to eight seconds because she was so scared of telling me I was gone for about 30 that everybody left and then the doctor comes in later and he says you were actually gone for over 30 seconds this is a great concern to us because we’ve never seen anybody go that long before and come back on their own they had the defibrillator at my feet when I woke up and they were just basically like getting it charged up to bring me back but I came back on my own which I think only solidifies the experience I had on the other side that I was being told to return with a message if I had been brought back with a defibrillator or drug induced you know revival I’m the kind of guy who would have doubted the experience was genuine just because you guys don’t know me that’s the kind of guy I am I’m actually very scientific and my faith is built on things that I’ve been able to prove to myself over the course of my life so this had to happen the way that it did I had to die for no reason basically just my heart issue got really bad one moment and I flatlined I had to predict it happening and then I had to come back without help that was the only way that that my experience would have appeared authentic to and that’s what happened so that’s why I have enough confidence to share this with you and risk looking like a fool on the worldwide Internet because I know that what I experienced was absolutely the truth um if there’s anything I forgot I’m sure there is I’m going to cover more of it in videos to come but the questions that I’ve gotten from Jenny girl on YouTube asking me what was foreign this world was born when I returned to it while I was in heaven I didn’t feel foreign at all I didn’t even question it I also been asked it I have an understanding of what the men were telling me yes I was never confused I was never anxious or worried something about what they were telling me I was in absolute peaceful joyful state I cannot tell you how how absolutely peaceful the other side is if you’re on the right side of the tracks let’s say um it it was so good and it was so amazing that have you ever asked the question like I don’t know if I can handle eternity that would kind of freak me out that just the idea of eternity is almost more scary to me than even hell well when you’re there you’re not scared of eternity and all at all in fact you feel like you’ve already been there for eternity it’s all that you know and there’s you have zero fear that the fear gene let’s say it doesn’t even exist in you anxiety doesn’t even exist in you it couldn’t exist if it wanted to that is how good it feels on the other side and for three weeks after I came back I struggled with horrific depression because all I wanted to do was die and go back to the other side um even to this day if you came up and put a gun to my face which no weirdos out there and world-wide-web land uh if you were to come and put a gun in my face and shoot me I would be like sweet I’m going home I’m late yes and that’s absolutely the truth um but now I got my pacemaker everything is ticking good I don’t have chest pain so that’s nice and now I do this because I’m told to and there’s going to be a lot of things coming in the future also I don’t want to forget this April from Facebook asked me you used to not believe in heaven but you are a Christian so what did you use to believe I definitely did not believe in heaven or hell I definitely always believed in God because I feel that I’ve heard him my whole life and I’ve had a relationship and I could feel him my whole life so I never doubted that God was real but I did doubt that heaven or hell were real and I basically put them in the same category as in North Pole with Santa Claus and the elves I thought it was something that man created and inserted into the Christian faith system in order to kind of give people hope but whenever I thought about myself dying I always had this sensation of absolute void absolute nothingness and I probably would be an atheist if it wasn’t for the fact that I’ve heard and felt God my whole life because I think about death and I think of absolute void and now that I’ve experienced what I did I believe 100% that I experienced it because I’ve been baptized in the name of the Messiah I have the water and the spirit as was commanded of me to do I’m so grateful I did that before I died and I would encourage you all to do it as well if you don’t believe continue to watch these videos because the other thing you asked or you stated April was that I’m a Christian I’m not a Christian I’m a believer of the Messiah I’m a follower of the Messiah and I believe in the Bible I don’t believe in Christianity I think that Christianity is a man-made religion and there’s a very significant difference between Christianity and the Bible and if you read the Bible as I have from the first word to the last yourself straight through and study the history of the Judaic nation you’ll understand who the Messiah really is and what he really is and that difference makes all the difference in the world it also makes all the difference on the other side and if you don’t know what I’m talking about don’t worry stay tuned I’m going to be making videos just about that in fact that is the message that I got sent back to share now before I forget guys there’s also one other thing that I really want to make sure drive home and that is that when I returned to being alive again uh and the nurse told me I flatlined you would think that the natural reaction to that would be oh my god I died oh you know how quickly and easily we can die and the fear of death might set upon you uh in an extreme way because of what I experienced I had zero fear of death whatsoever if anything I was like this sucks being alive which I just explained to you recently but a greater fear if you’re scared of death which I imagine there’s a lot of people on earth who are scared of dying especially if they don’t know really what’s on the other side like I didn’t imagine a fear even greater than that when you die go to heaven come back and you realize that you didn’t live your life how you were supposed to that you didn’t live your life doing and being the thing that God created you to be my fear of that once I’ve come back was far greater than my fear of death ever was and to explain to you how absolutely terrified I was of death terror I would lay in bed at night when I was a kid and even sometimes as an adult I would lay in bed at night not be praying and I would just feel that black void of death fall upon me and realize that one day I’m gonna die and there’s absolutely nothing I can do to stop it nothing it’s going to happen one day I’m going to know whether I like it or not what death really is and it would be absolutely just unfreeze in an absolute stunning fear the fear of me dying and not have lived the life that I was proud of and not have done the things that I knew I was born to do was even more terrifying of that now that I’ve gone to heaven since I don’t have that fear that’s the best way I can describe that so if you have a passion if you have a learning to do something or be something or say something to the world you need to do it trust me you need to do it however in contrary to that suggestion on the other side none of it matters and I want to make sure that people understand how much nothing you ever do on this side matters except for whatever you do for God whatever you do for God here is the only thing on the other side that matters whatsoever I liken this reality this plane of existence that we live in to or live in to be like prom when you’re in high school you think about prom and graduation is like the greatest most important moment of your entire life and depending on how all that goes down will define how the rest of your life is going to be but the moment you step foot into your prom and you walk onto the dance floor and you see all your friends you realize that that night and that event will never have any effect on your life whatsoever and then of course as you look back on problem you realize that it didn’t affect you whatsoever except for maybe your family’s checkbook that’s about it maybe you have some good memories but it doesn’t affect the way that your life came out well that’s how this is in this life we think that every little thing we do everything we do is so significant and so important and matters so much and it doesn’t at all if you were the most famous person in the world and you did the most good deeds in the world because you’re just a good person like that on the other end nobody will ever remember that and if you’re a bad person you won’t even know the people in heaven because I honestly believe you’re going to go the other place but that’s not the point the point is is that the only thing that matters truly the only thing that will even carry over is what you do for God’s kingdom building that’s it and if you don’t even know what kingdom building is if you don’t know what God Kingdom building is then you need to stay tuned to this because I’m going to give you the secrets and the tricks to building God’s kingdom and to being a very successful person according to what you will believe in how you will live on the other side and trust me you’re going to be very glad once you’ve decided to live your life for the other side and not for this side and this also will make sense of why in the Bible when it says that blessed are they who are poor and starving and hungry for the kingdom of there’s when you when you have no ambition in this world at all when you have nothing you’re looking forward to in this world but you believe in the Messiah and you believed your soul is saved by the Messiah’s work on the cross the only thing you look forward to in this world is getting into the next one and that’s why your kingdom is the kingdom of heaven and it’s people who have ambition in this world that are missing out on the real gift of this life and I can’t wait to further explain how how to really do kingdom building so god bless you’re watching truth me free the Bible says you shall know the truth and it shall set you free and that is absolutely the truth if you feel that this has affected you or touched your heart and soul in any way shape or form remember there might be somebody else out there who needs to hear this too I wish that I had this in my life prior to experiencing it myself I wish there was somebody out there who explained all this on YouTube for me to watch I can imagine you might know somebody who needs to hear this so share this video give it a thumbs up tag it Twitter it Facebook it all those kind of things because without you I can’t make this girl I’m just one man but together we can build a kingdom of God together so thank you god bless you

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