What if you could make one instrument sound like an entire band? | Alexandr Misko | TEDxMannheim

Alexandr Misko has quickly risen through the ranks to become one of the world’s best fingerstyle guitarists. At the young age of 20, when most of his peers just start college, Alexandr is already pursuing a successful career as a musician. His YouTube channel already has more than 15 million views. He gives a fascinating insight into his conception of music and how he composes his own songs. By utilizing every part of his guitar, he makes one instrument sound like a whole band.
Alexandr believes his success has derived from his sheer desire to deliver great music and produce videos that people will like and share. He delves into each and every music genre to find new sounds and rhythms that inspire his compositions. His passion for writing original music motivates Alexandr to write authentic songs that trigger emotions and vivid images in his listeners’ minds.
Alexandr Misko has quickly risen through the ranks to become one of the world’s best fingerstyle guitarists. At the young age of 20, when most of his peers just start college, Alexandr is already pursuing a successful career as a musician. His YouTube channel already has more than 15 million views.In January 2018 the video-cover of “Careless Whisper” from his second album was viewed more than 50 million times within a month on Facebook. This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at https://www.ted.com/tedx


thank you so much thank you thank you thank you Oh at first what oh dang I know that something will go wrong but not so much sometimes it happens okay so let me introduce myself my name is alexandra misko and i’m a fingerstyle guitarist from russia I’m really excited to play for you tonight because that’s my second trip to a foreign country and you know I have already met so many great people here so I feel really comfortable but there is still a thing that makes me nervous all the time that’s my Russian sense of humor when I do gigs I need to constantly return my guitar between songs that’s my hobby and like I’m doing now and I need to talk to audience you would not fall asleep and usually usually my jokes in Russian are decent but when I start to joke in English I constantly forget the right words then I say that I’m not funny at all and then I just give up and basically want to get back home and cry all night excuse me so if you would not like to see my tears today but let me continue my lecture in Russian to dressed with you Kakui yoga answer with Sasha misko okay just joking I’m here to play my original music for you and to tell a little bit about my style of playing which is called experimental progressive percussive finger style it’s so boring routing yes but it’s it’s much more interesting to tell about that as you have already noticed I use my guitar Natick exactly as just a guitar there are many instruments hidden inside of that box and that’s really fascinating you know the most important thing that the style exists not to impress you with flashy maneuvers and the thing is that we just want to express our joy and excitement using the full potential of an instrument and here’s my philosophy when I do when I write music I know I’m not trying to make as many noises and sounds as possible I try to think like I’m writing melodies for different kinds of instruments with independent lines for every musician inside of that box it sounds a bit ridiculous but I would like to show you an example how I can slowly build all those layers and eventually create four instruments playing simultaneously and you know my musicians are not lazy they would like to play really complicated stuff for you so I would like to start my explanation with with my drummer because drumming is the most obvious thing that you can get from my playing and I really like drumming maybe that’s my guitar maybe that’s why my guitar doesn’t look so perfect I don’t know okay so we have two basic drums here that’s the low sound which is the bass drum or kick drum okay and here’s the high sound which is called snare drum anyway [Music] but I would like to leave on that drumming for a moment because I would like to show you other parts and I don’t want to distract you okay the next musician is my bassist and I don’t know there is a common belief that bassist really liked to play some some simple stuff like this maybe that’s in Russia only I don’t know but my bassist wants to play something really complicated he has a strong groove and here is [Music] and here’s my bassist [Music] okay the next musician that I would like to add is the guitarist because we obviously heaven head and guitarists on stage okay and my guitarist will play some simple metal melodic licks like that [Music] and I need to blend it with my bassist so here’s the bass [Music] and here comes a tourist [Music] okay but thank you thank you so much okay but this is not all as you can see my drummer is really lazy he just doing this he just pressing the pedal to make kick drums so his hands are absolutely free I need to give him more complicated exercise so I would like to use some snare drums here and also I would like to add some scratches because I really like stretches maybe I’m just too nervous okay and that’s what we what we have here’s the here’s my bassist [Music] here’s guitarist [Music] and drumming intensifies [Music] [Applause] [Music] thank you okay that was pretty simple so we have so many sounds we have so many instruments at this moment but there is still something is missing something really important and you know what that’s the melody the melody is the main thing of every piece of music and I would like you I would like to demonstrate you this technique this little guys called natural harmonics and that’s my favorite technique on guitar it’s so great I can even do some this thing I’m sorry okay and I would like to add this melody to my arrangement to make it senseless this is oh no to make it more yes and okay and you can imagine that it sounds like a flute playing or maybe female vocals it doesn’t matter really but that’s my melody and I need to stop doing my guitar it gets annoying and just a little bit come on okay and I think I’m ready to play full song for you it’s called a delayed passenger I hope you like it [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] thank you so much thank you so much thank you thank you okay I guess I need to go I’m sorry this is not my gig what a pity okay but I hoped you but I hope to meet you on Facebook somewhere so it would be nice okay thank you so much my name is alexandre misko it was a great pleasure to play for you tonight and cheers from Russia thank you you

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