What the Dying Elderly told me

hi guys time you see this video it’ll be tomorrow kind of lost in the days I guess it’ll be Wednesday yeah one bit I’m just doing some videos now before it gets dark and I’ll upload them in the morning I wanted to talk about my days of when I did healthcare and this was before I got in the landscaping and did that for 12 years I used to be a certified nurse’s aide I went to school for it took all my training got my licensing and I did health care in both nursing homes and in private in-home care for the elderly that were still living at home they had family looking after him helping out himself and then I would come in and do the stuff that they couldn’t do didn’t have time to do or didn’t want to do and have to deal with and that would be what I would come in and deal with and I had a lot of people that learned about my job details they would ask me oh my god how could you do that I could never do that like giving a 95 year old man a bath having to help him get undressed and get him into a bathtub with all the different bars to hang on to and all the anti-slip things in the bottom of the tub and everything and have to actually get him into a bathtub and wash a 95 year old man have to change diapers on an old man have to shave an elderly man clean their false teeth so on and so forth all the things that people consider gross and nasty and don’t want to have to deal with and stuff like that it never bothered me you guys I was never the type of guy that could ever change a baby’s diaper and gag over it I was never that guy things don’t bother me I could sit neat dinner with a dead deer right in front of me what matter but not to get off-topic what I learned in the years of doing that is what both the elderly women and elderly men told me over the years when there was a few minutes to sit down with them whenever I had to help them with their breakfast or help them eat their dinner and they would talk with me and tell me about the good old days and the things that in their end of years end of life because these were people that were not long for this world they were on their way out they were dying some of them were dying of cancer some of them had tumors they just had all kinds of ailments and problems and it was terminal and they what I learned from them and believe me I learned a lot I learned a lot from the elderly people I worked with and you got so close to them to where they became like a grandparent like a grandfather or grandmother and you got just as his emotionally broke up when they passed away as you would if your own grandparents passed away you got that close to him but the thing that I that I learned from them that they taught me when I’m talking with me and believe me they had fascinating stories oh my god I could listen for days to the things they had to say but they taught me that in the end of life the only thing that matters where the friends they had the people they loved and the memories they made now if you really think about that and this is what all of them said the same exact thing the friends they had the people they loved and the memories they made it was not about any house that they ever bought in their lifetime it was not about any car that they bought in their lifetime it was not about their job how much money they made how successful they ever were what kind of clothes they wore all the things that people think so much about now but in the end of life it was not about any of that it was about the time that they had to be around the people they wanted to be around and all the fantastic memories they had because in the end you guys that’s all that’s left are the memories now unfortunately there were some that didn’t even have that because they were dying of the latter stages of Alzheimer’s disease and they couldn’t even remember their own name they didn’t recognize their own life and it was very sad and I saw many cases about where a gentleman didn’t even recognize his own wife and she would go into the other room and break down the tribe it was very difficult during that line of work and that’s why eventually after several years of doing that I got out of it and went into landscaping because it was it just got to be too much on but I did it because I wanted to give back to my fellow man and do what I could to help others because I’ve always been the type of person to help other people and I thought that was a good way to help people and really make a difference but the reason why I’m telling you this is because all these people that were in the final stages of life all the things that we think matter to us now today that we all have own some people brag about the things they have some people really cherish the things they have but in the end the only thing that matters is the three things that I mentioned in this video it was involved relationships and memories nothing else mattered and didn’t even come close because there would be times I’d ask them I’d be like well do you ever you know if they were in a nursing home be like well do you ever miss the farm you used to run oh god no they say it was nothing but hard work and it was you know and it never got any sleep and you work from up to sundown they’re like I don’t miss that at all I’m glad to be rid of that damn farm you know and it was about um the wife the kids the memories the things that are priceless you guides the things that you can’t buy with money that’s what it was about so when I said when I talked about downsizing and finding happiness and freedom and freeing up a schedule making more time to do the things you you always say I wish I could do that I wish I had more time to do this what stops you from taking the time do it do it don’t don’t think that you’re going to get fired from work if you call it and take a day off if you take a day off and say you want to go kayak you call in and just say I have something I have to take care of today I can’t come into work go kayaking life is short do what you want to do because it’s the memories in the end that matter nothing else matters it’s that’s what they cherished you guys this was with every single client I ever looked after all said the same thing even my own mother in her final days before she passed away she told me about how much she missed going camping and the different things that her and my father did it wasn’t about whatever they accumulated in their life it was about the memories that she reflected back on that she missed the most it’s no different they all say the same thing so in the end if that’s the only thing that matters then doesn’t it make sense that if that’s what you’re going to cherish the most in your final days shouldn’t you be focusing on that more than the things we all waste our lives on trying to accumulate things and buy things and obtain things and the things we think make us happy because in the end it’s none of those things that you will remember or miss it’s going to be the priceless things that we neglect and we don’t take out the time for that’s what matters so I’m telling you this in a video because I’m telling you what one day you’re going to know when you’re old when it’s too late and by those people telling me what they did I did not just take that information with a grain of salt and forget about it I started to live my life that way to where it’s like I am going to take more time to do the things that I love to do and I’m going to take more time to to do the things I never thought I would do just like I never thought that I would ever even build a camper even one I never thought I’d do it here I’ve already done four that’s the kind of thing I’m talking about is because it’s the memories of doing stuff like that or anything that you will enjoy or cherish in the end that you can reflect back on and that will make you happy you’ll have those memories that’s what I’m talking about you have to take the time don’t ever let your schedule get so busy to where you don’t have the time to do anything that you dream about doing you’ve got to make that time to do it because none of us are guarantee how long we’re going to live for some time is extremely short for others they may have thirty forty more years who knows just do what it is you want to do like for instance that one day I took off and went fishing and did a video of it and I just spent the whole day and went fishing that’s what those elderly people were talking about it’s those priceless moments that you’ll always remember and it doesn’t have to cost a thing it doesn’t have to cost a nickel none of those people ever told me their greatest memories ever cost anything love shouldn’t cost anything friendship shouldn’t cost anything and memories shouldn’t cost anything there’s ways to have fun to be around people to take time to be happy and make those memories you’ll cherish in the end and it doesn’t have to cost money none of them said I’ve got good memories but it costs me 40 grand no it was the little things in life that stood out the most the things that all of us take for granted so I just thought I’d do a video and tell you guys that because these people were very sincere and in the end in their final days out of all the things that they could have said to a young guy like me at the time when I was taking care of them out of all the things that they could have conveyed to me that they felt was important and through their years of wisdom of living on this earth longer than I have that’s what they told me that’s what they shared with me they said out of everything that they experienced in life that was the most important and every single one of them said the same thing I never got a different story from all of them who didn’t even know one another all said the same thing something to think about so if there’s something you’re thinking about doing something you see yourself doing something you wish you could do stop wishing and stop thinking about it and just do it you know you guys some of my best memories that I’ve done so far in my life has been when I’ve been flat busted broke and only half a tank of gas and I said today I’m just going to go on a hike tour today I’m going to take off and do this and I’ve never regretted it because it was a lot of fun and it made a brand new memory that I could put in my mind for when I’m old like them to have something look back on so whatever it is if it’s a trip going kayaking on some crazy world one world renowned river whatever it is find a way to do it and just do it don’t think about it because you’ll put it on the back burner just just do it just wing it because some of the best things in life are those things you just do on a whim thanks for watching you guys we’ll see you again in another video bye bye

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