yeah welcome to another week what’s for dinner meal and tonight it’s Friday night we are just having some ground beef stroganoff and reg noodles and some fried okra and I use a recipe I got from Shelley’s home life I have been making it for a while and it’s really good and I pretty much use it sometimes I do it a little bit different but I will link her video to that recipe below and I used a little bit of cream cheese this time in it instead of sour cream because I didn’t have any but I think it’ll be just fine so anyway that’s what we’re having for Friday night hey guys so tonight is Monday night and we are having some grilled pork chops jaren just grilled those out for us and I just made it some green beans so some of you have asked what I put in there you saw me doing it on another video when I wasn’t really telling it is just slivered almonds and what I do is saute a little bit of olive oil with garlic and slivered almonds I don’t really measure basically just long enough until I can smell the garlic in the almonds and then I’ll put the green beans in there and kind of toss them around with olive oil that I’m saute for another minute and I’ll cover them with water and I’ll let on Raw for about I don’t know 30 to 45 minutes I like my green beans really soft so that’s how they come out and they’re really good and the flavor for this way so I did some of those and then also I just did some baked spiced potatoes and normally I would cover these with temple but I keep forgetting to buy them but anyway it’s kind of a mix between a baked potato and a scalloped potato I just slice them up thin like this and then I will put a layer down with a little bit of butter I do not use very much at all and then I use a seasoned salt from tastefully simple and I’ve had for a while but you can use any kind of seasoned salt then another layer a little bit more butter and then I’ll put a little bit of water in the bottom so they don’t burn but like I said I would usually cover them with tinfoil I didn’t have any so I just tossed him halfway through that’s how they are and we will top them with some sour cream and that will be our dinner for Monday night it’s just a little easy dinner I’m not feeling that good and it’s kind of wanting something good so that’s what’s for dinner on Monday so here’s the finished plate he already put salt pepper on his yes we’re using paper plates but that looks like a pretty good dinner to me what you think okay can I eat it now yep hey y’all tonight is Tuesday night yeah I would keep it real we are having some fruit spins for dinner some fruit loops I’m not feeling well I’ve been having like some dizzy spells so I don’t know I’m just not feeling like cooking the girls were hungry and they wanted fruit loops sound pretty good to me so yeah we’re having fruit loops for dinner on Tuesday hey guys so it is Wednesday morning we have a busy day ahead of us so I’m getting ready to throw our dinner in the crock-pot so this recipe is called Mississippi pot roast another recipe is super popular and it’s going around Pinterest and everything like that so you may have seen it before however I had a couple people ask for a good pot roast recipe or one that I use and this is the one that pretty much I’ve been using every time because it’s just so good so I figured I’ll go ahead and share it on my what’s for dinner videos just in case you haven’t seen the recipe before you should definitely give it a try it’s delicious like I said I started making it well no a year year and a half ago and pretty much every time I do a pot roast this is the recipe I use now and it’s really simple too so I just have a chuck roast right here it is a about two and a half pound chuck oh so it’s not a huge one so now I’m gonna do is put in the crock pot with a half a stick of butter you can put a whole stick but I think a half is enough especially this pot roast does have a lot of fat on it so and you know it’s gonna kind of I don’t know fatten it up itself so then you’re gonna add about I normally add four or five of these pepper Chaney peppers you can add more or less sometime it’s been spicier than others you know how jarred peppers go you just can really never tell so I just normally start with four or five then you’re gonna add a packet of algae gravy mix just right on top and then also a packet of ranch season mix so I don’t buy the packets so I’ll just use about a cap full of this ranch seasoning mix and that’s all you do and you’ll turn it on to low and let it go for about six to eight hours just keep a check on it and another thing I’ll mention sometimes I add either a beer or I’ll add some broth just depending on how I think it looks and if it needs it but most of the time I don’t have to add any liquids so just keep an eye on it if it looks dry or you know about halfway three-quarters all the way through just kind of check on it so I’m gonna go ahead and throw everything in the crock-pot and I’ll just show you what it looks like when I get out in there so here’s what it looks like everything in the crock-pot told you it’s really simple just dumped in the seasoning right on the meat and put the butter on top so that better can kind of melt down and I don’t know moisturize those seasonings and then I just added four pepper Cheney peppers because those were kind of big I don’t want to be too spicy and that’s literally it I’m gonna pop the lid on I’ll keep a check on it as they come in and out through the day and dinner I’ll be done hey guys just to give you an update on the roast it is now 2:45 and I put it on about 7:30 this morning so that is what roughly five six seven hours and it is nice and tender that’s what it looks like right now and I’m not gonna shred everything I’ll just kind of do that let me eat it so dinner is pretty much done I’m just gonna turn it down to warm and I said I’ll make some mashed potatoes later and I’m not sure what it’s probably a salad but I guess we’ll see that in just a minute I just want to share that since Houston y’all how I make my roast okay tonight is Wednesday night so here’s the finished product of the pot roast we’re not having a fancy dinner at all we’re just having some mashed potatoes in a bowl with that pot rice on top I’m not feeling that good and said this is it’s going to get dinner well that’s when they show y’all the finished product over the pot roast and yeah that’s Wednesday night dinner hey guys tonight is Thursday night and I actually made a Hello fresh meal I had another dinner planned tonight and I had got my cutting board I was getting a start and then finally our hello fresh order got here so I was so excited to try it so I changed up our meal plan but I made pineapple poblano and beef tacos right here I’m showing you this because I totally forgot to fill my actual food I do take a picture of it it on started here I didn’t look like this beautiful picture of course and they’re like pretty similar anyway it was super good it was really delicious even my kids liked it so that’s always a plus and what else is I gonna say about this oh yeah I just want to tell y’all it’s not um spots or anything like that I’ve been wanting to try hellofresh for a while now and finally earlier this week I went ahead and place an order for him and we got tonight so we tried it and I was really really impressed it was really good so anyway tonight is Thursday and that’s what’s for dinner hey out tonight it’s Friday night we are having pizza yet again turn and pick this up on his way home as you know who we’re getting over sickness and all that and yeah we may or may not see pizza and every one of these every week because just keepin it real so Friday night pizza is for dinner hey guys tonight is Saturday night and we’re just having some good ol spaghetti and go red again so that’s what’s for dinner mmm Friday night mr. spaghetti good and only just stop okay now off to char yeah and what is there tonight they wanted a homemade pan of brownies [Music] that’s what I mean we’re getting ready to cut in these happy Saturday [Music]

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