[Music] hello everybody its new year its 2017 and here we are at vagabrothers talking about the best travel destinations for this coming year there’s a lot of new places a lot of places we haven’t been yet but we’ve gone through and picked the best 10 destinations for 2017 as we know 2016 was a crazy year all around the world so this year we’re taking into consideration political stability and exchange rates so you can travel to place they’re safe and inexpensive ok so first up Europe top destination in Europe is England well United Kingdom in general brexit happened last year and that’s changed a lot of things but what it has done has made pound really cheap it’s cheaper to travel now to the UK then it has been a long time so we encourage you to go to the UK and get beyond London to go to like northern England where we did a trip last year amazing Orlick Wales where we’re going to be going later this year it might not be the most unique and chances are you’ve been to London this is the time to get out and explore the UK all right next up Caribbean Cuba is the top destination for 2017 Fidel Castro has just died chances are the situation in Cuba is going to change rapidly we recommend getting in there before it does it’s on the top of our bucket list for 2017 so hopefully we’ll have some vlog series for you guys soon number three Latin America ok winner is Colombia oh no Meah I wanted to go to Colombia for a long time but it makes the list in 2017 because the government just signed a peace treaty with FARC the rebel group where there’s been like a civil war for the last 50 years so times of narcosis is gone pieces arrived to Colombia and it’s just ready to take off I’m reading Gabriel Garcia Marquez right now and just dream in to Colombia we got a hundred years of solitude until that happens oh no well you’ve never read loved of Colorado I had guess I have not all right next up North America winner is Quebec Quebec is the french-speaking province of Canada get out to Quebec in 2017 we went last year it was an incredible trip it’s a great alternative to Europe right now especially if you’re worried about terrorism by the way Quebec City looks like it’s part of France practice French if you’re learning it but they also speak English there the food is amazing and there’s amazing festivals like igloo fest or electric picnic in Montreal top destination in Asia is Seoul or South Korea in general this has been kind like an overlooked destination for a lot of people in Asia we are excited about it because we’re gonna go speak in an event there February the MB and Y forum we have started looking in the destination it looks fascinating it really attracts us is this balance between being the most connected country in the world super technologically advanced but they’re also rooted in tradition not to mention Korean barbecue and if you’re marko korean bathhouse know okay next up South East Asia where Gus our top pick is the Philippines it’s a country made up of thousands of islands it’s inexpensive it’s gorgeous there’s plenty of empty beaches like the islands of Palawan so obviously the red flag here is that if you’ve been following the news you’ve seen that the Philippines are cracking down on drugs and there’s been a lot of violence in relation to that but none of it has targeted tourism so therefore we do deem this still safe enough to visit if you go to the Philippines we highly recommend you do not try to score drugs number seven the top destination in the Middle East okay we have Oman Oman is one of our favorite countries in the world we were lucky enough to go there three years ago but what keeps it on the top of the list is that it remains a stable Oasis in a really turbulent region Oman is a very tolerant country and a lot of people attribute this to their form of Islam called ybody Islam which is the same as in Morocco beyond that it’s got beautiful beaches it is on the coast and emani’s are a seafaring culture so there’s a lot of maritime history and there also have the most castles of any country in the world not to mention it’s covered in gorgeous mountains so if you’re trying to get off the beaten path Oman is the destination in the Middle East for 2017 okay next up Africa where we going we’re going to Senegal top destination in Africa for 2017 it’s the most stable country in West Africa it’s got great music great food Francophile culture they speak French there not to mention incredible beaches great surf the first endless summer was filmed there I was lucky enough to go to Santa Goll about five or six years ago and it was a brief trip but it was absolutely incredible hopefully getting back there in 2017 in Senegalese are super cool people when we used to live in the Basque Country in northern Spain there’s tons of Senegal user-friendly very cool place accessible safe fun cheap we are choosing Tasmania as the top destination in the Australia Pacific region for 2017 it’s wild it’s a small island off the coast of Australia beyond that you got great food it’s got beautiful natural scenery and there’s a really interesting culture there there’s Aboriginal culture as well as the history of the penal colony that used to exist there isn’t that all of Australia it is but it’s especially in Tasmania it’s more there’s more clear example all right I might the Australian dollar is currently at a low which makes it way more affordable to visit Australia that’s kind of one of the main reasons why we have in him back in the last couple of years because the Australian dollar was really strong and the exchange rate was not favourable and lastly there’s been huge advances in air travel and there are direct flights from La Sydney 15 hours straight YMS Sydney London 17 hours straight and if you do do one of those flights make sure you click this video to find out how to survive long flights okay last up we got our favorite pics while you start off where do you wanna go for me the top travel destination in 2017 is Nicaragua Nicaragua is the neighbor of Costa Rica it is a beautiful country the tourism is not as developed there’s still some beautiful wild places great surf tropical weather friendly people and a place that I would really like to get back to and do some serious exploit okay for me personally top of the bug list is Japan I want to go to Tokyo I want to go to Kyoto and I want to go snowboarding in Hokkaido yeah and the monkeys that sit in the hot either those are my spirit and a lot of people those are my spirit and my cousin macaque well those are our top 10 picks for travel destinations in 2017 make sure that you guys drop some comments give us some feedback if you have ideas yeah your favorite 2017 travel destinations make sure you share them with us down there if you haven’t already give the video a thumbs up share it with your friends and subscribe to vagabrothers travel videos if you have not already the meantime stake here is keep exploring and we’ll see you guys on the road in 2017 hmm [Music]

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