Why do so many people play this riff wrong?

In this video I am showing why many people play this riff wrong.
Thanks to the peeps of the YouTube clips I was showing, it’s not meant to bash, but to learn other viewers why this happens to so many guitar players! And of course to teach you how to avoid this stuff from happening 🙂

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okay there is his one riff and always when I hear someone play they play it wrong it’s wrong it’s rap look I’m not trying to be snobby and another kind of guy who would church one for making a rate their own but in this example that’s not what’s happening and I think the reason why is there a lot of players learn this song by just looking at a tab instead of listening to the actual song and the fact that tab notation is lacking a lot of stuff like bar lines node values and such it’s definitely not helping playing a riff that is a bit complicated so right let’s go and YouTube and see for yourself what I’m talking about [Music] he knows it’s wrong look at the guy [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] it’s not all professional video productions but they all play in bands they’re all eat our players so what’s happening let me show you [Music] well the riff clearly stars like this [Music] and if we look at care playing at life we see that he plays it like this so what’s the problem well the problem arises when the fifth bar starts when the other band members kick in it’s always on the wrong spot in the clips I’ve shown you so the entire Kataria get shifted by an eighth note or a quarter notes so it’s not on the right spot on the beat and I wonder what other famous songs would sound like if we shift the entire riff just one quarter note up [Music] everyone seems to be thrown off by the first two notes of the riff the opening E and the c-sharp most seem to internalize the first note as the first B them and others because it’s played with an accent seem to feel the C sharp as the first beat [Music] but none of those two notes are on the first beat of the bar they are what is called an anacrusis which is a fancy word for the pickup bar so the first beat is actually the third note of the riff that note that is not the first beat of the bar here is step I wrote that shows the part correctly the first two notes are the pickup bar followed by the rest and take a look at the accents on the last eighth note of each bar this may seem odd at first because if you always heard the song like the first bead was on the first note it may take quite some time to get it out of your system but if you want to learn this riff correctly start playing it like this 1 & 2 & 3 & 4 so you have to start playing the riff on the 4 and the highest note is on the four and [Music] so what you noticed right now is that I was shifting through the C sharp cord over here at the fore of the fourth bar so – sorry I didn’t I didn’t I made the same mistake one two so even when you’ve changed the courts he does the same so that can make it very confusing well of course the band also needs to feel the rhythm of the guitar correctly because they can enter at the right time if they don’t feed it right but none of the guitar players in the clips I’ve shown you played it any different after the first chorus so they chose they’re really internalizing the riff wrong oh and there are two clips where there is a 4-bit countdown and it’s like this 1 2 3 4 [Music] so that says it all but it should be like this one two three so how can we prevent stuff from this happening again well the answer lies on YouTube nowadays almost every famous song you want to play has a live video clip so just go and watch the guitar player himself play it because he’s the best teacher so you definitely don’t have to copied one on one I once got a complaint that I played sweet child o mine with my wrong fingers because I use my pinky no no you should play it like / just without your pinkie okay don’t bother about that bother about the rhythm and nice timing and nice groove and I really loved with more people get their own twist to things – riffs and their songs but shifting an entire riff by an eighth note or a quarter note that’s no other story and that’s not something you really want if you covering a song so this was fallen if you liked this video please help me by subscribing to my channel if you haven’t done it already and hit the bell button if you want to be alerted by my videos which really helps me it’s very much appreciated have a great day and see you next time bye [Music] you

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