Winter-Spiced Meat Sauce with Pasta Ribbons

Rach gives this sauce a hint of cinnamon and orange.


We’re going to make a winter-spiced meat sauce. You can start with ground lamb or ground beef. I prefer ground lamb. And then we’re going to add all of these great aromas. We’re going to add orange zest, one big strip of orange peel to this. That is a great combination. Yeah, citrus with lamb, especially delicious. We’re going to add a small piece of cinnamon stick to this. There’s salt and pepper in there already. We’re going to add a small palmful of juniper to this. Ooh.
Juniper seeds. We’re going to add a little bit of crushed oregano. We’re adding fennel seed.
All that already? It really does smell almost like mulled wine. We’re going to throw in some crushed red pepper flakes so we have red and black pepper. We have citrus, we have cinnamon, we have juniper, we have fennel, we have oregano. We’re going to throw in my secret ingredient to pasta, sauces, soups, and stews this time of year, a big chunk of parmigiano-reggiano rind to make the whole sauce taste like cheese.
So you know what you do. You buy Parmigiano-Reggiano, just put it in a plastic bag until you’re ready–
Keep it in the freezer. To do this and use it.

That’s right. And we’re gonna sweat out a little onion and garlic. (audience cheers) Grab a snack, come on back, we gotta finish the sauce. (audience cheers) So we have our winter spiced meat sauce with the fragrances of cinnamon and orange and fennel and juniper all marrying with the onions and the garlic. (sniffs)
Oh, the parmigiano rind. I just stirred in some sun-dried tomato paste. We let that get fragrant and then we hit it with some wine! (audience cheers)
Oh, yeah. And then we add a little bit of chicken stock, let it cook down in something. God, it smells good. A can of tomatoes, and will you salt that water and drop our pasta? Yes ma’am. We have some nice egg-y, beautiful ribbons of pappardelle, nice fat, egg-y pasta. Come right back, ’cause we’re gonna show you what this looks like when you stir it. (audience applauds) So I just fished out our cinnamon stick from our winter spiced meat sauce. I pulled out the parmigiano-reggiano rind, makes the whole sauce taste cheesy and delicious. You can really smell the fragrances of fennel and of the juniper. Oh, my God, it smells so good. Em, where’s the pasta? Come on. It’s comin’ baby. It’s comin’ right now Come on. Emeril’s got the pasta You know what, before I give you that, I give you a little pasta water. Starchy cooking water. Always before you drain your pasta, starchy water. Here we come. To merry the pasta together. Here we go. Yes. (audience applause) Tongs, ohhh. Tossarooni. Look at that. Merry this together. Look at that. (audience applause) Ohhhh, yes. Add your oil. Fatty olive oil. Ohhhhh, Oh my God. Look at that. Oh, yes. (audience applause)

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