World Wide Bigfoot

Let’s take a look at some traditions of Bigfoot-like creatures from around the world.

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[Music] [Music] good evening tonight I would like to talk to you about Bigfoot in the worldwide stage some various myths from around the world most of you in North America are very familiar with our Bigfoot or Sasquatch but I’d like to take a look at a few myths and traditions from around the world as you know Bigfoot here in North America as the truth comes out and more and more people are into this we have many different types in many different varieties some looking human-like some looking very doglike and then we have the typical patty in woodbooger traditions going back for thousands of years the Native Americans have their traditions of Bigfoot virtually every tribe across the continental United States Canada Mexico so most of you are pretty familiar with the four basic types a Bigfoot the big patty I’m the various types the most common that you see and then the more chimpanzee slightly smaller but still very large chimpanzee types the classic wood boogers and then we have a lot more rare and dangerous gukhui’s the ones with a protruding snout some feel that these are dog men some feel that these are similar to them I think the dog men and the gugg we are two separate things also you have the Northeast seems to have reports of them looking very human-like like a big overgrown human covered in hair so we’re very familiar with these four types here if you’re into the Bigfoot world and like I said we have the skunk ape in Florida smaller albeit still seems to be aggressive known to eat alligators and do all that kind of stuff down in the south and we have the varieties of fully carnivorous Wendigo tarp Bigfoot’s that love the cold and a very mean also known as the Genoa we have a lot of variation in what we would referred to as Bigfoot or Sasquatch in North America so let’s take a look at how this pertains as you can see we have many sightings all across the USA and what this map actually shows which be surprising to some people is the East Coast being more heavily populated I think you have a lot more sightings but I think virtually there are Bigfoots everywhere there are hundreds of reports from in the desert to subalpine to very high peaks so when you look at this phenomenon across the world of a large hairy bipedal creature virtually every continent seems to have them I would wouldn’t even be surprised if someone said they saw one in Antarctica going out and clubbing penguins living in a cave they are that prevalent all over the place everything from frost giants to the Ulmus to the Inca do which is in the Middle East if you’re familiar with the Mesopotamia and the epic of gilgamesh that part is very fascinating the oldest written story talks about a large hairy man of the woods of great strength so one of the more common ones are gonna see is the Yaron in China typically described between 6 and 7 feet tall upright walking bipedal usually described as blond probably an offshoot of the honesty and the Yeti we’re also gonna talk about the Aaron has been greatly studied and there’s a lot of reports of them being real it’s very very fascinating coming out of China the allness are the all masti is all over Russia and going down into areas of China and Mongolia they have their version of a hairy man of a Bigfoot now interestingly enough the Aaron and the Ulmus reported and really not be as big as like our patty types they’re more closely to like a type 2 kinda like how their grizzly bears and brown bears in Russia look very similar but are different just from geographical isolation now if you look at the almost reports there are lots of reports of Russian soldiers encountering these things World War one and World War two and through the Revolution people out in the woods encountering these things very scary they go out and they find us tribe of hairy men living in a cave somewhere looking to the diets law of fast incident if you want to know scary incident that happened in the Russian woods although I don’t necessarily think the dialogue past was Bigfoot but it’s certainly one of the working theories absolutely fascinating as you can think of so all over Asia and Europe but then we go down to Australia which for all intents and purposes is an island and most people think of it as an island but it’s a great big island it’s as big as a continent in the United States most people don’t realize that so the Yowie there reported to be a lot more like our desert type Bigfoot’s they still get very large if you know Australia at all you know that there’s huge huge swaths of uncharted land land where nobody goes just the open bush and brush so you think there’d be a lot of room for these things out there they always really taken off I know it’s always been popular down there but there’s a lot more research groups and private people like we have in America that look into Bigfoot and go bigfooting I know there’s a lot of people that are getting into the Yowie now as well so I would love to hear more about the Yowie I think you’re gonna hear a lot more out of Australia in the next coming years so that’s pretty much on a continent by itself yet we still have reports of a bigfoot-like creature one of the more interesting ones out of Africa is the billy ape and this is something that’s been a lot more confirmed even than most Bigfoot as far as cryptids is a five to six foot tall man-sized chimpanzee now chimpanzees are typically smaller than men although it much stronger and very brutal but there’s been reports for thousands of years of the billy ape and the deep dark jungles in different parts of Africa of a man-size chimpanzee upright walking around very strong tend to be a little more carnivorous than a pure gorilla so something like the size of a gorilla but upright the billy ape is very fascinating as one that I’ve heard of in the past but didn’t look into but for this video I looked into it I found it quite interesting and that’s something that could come out in in the future and if you look in South America they have the Mara coxy and you also have the fish fish taiho there’s a bunch of traditions in South America if they’re being bigfoot-like creatures kind of like how most people don’t realize that South America has mountain lions too in deer species and other things that you find in North America so you look at any kind of a tradition of anywhere there’s people and you find a story of folklore of Bigfoot and sightings and it pretty much ranged true for anywhere that you look on the map now the South America one I think is fascinating I think if proof is going to come out of a large hairy hominid species that might come out from another country one where a government or something might not be so keen on covering it up as we are here in America so the South America has got them Australia’s got them Asia has got them speaking of Asia much of you are familiar with the Arang pen deck this is an upright walking three to four foot tall seems to be more of an offshoot of like a seems to be much more of an offshoot of a orangutan but this kind of does this wild men of the woods that comes out standing upright there’s been traditions there for a long time I know cliff barackman when I got to speak with him at the International Bigfoot conference he was very big on your rank pendick and I guess there’s hair samples and things out there that people are trying to prove very cool like I said if the story gets out in one of these countries that there is a small hairy hominid species I think it’s only just gonna validate Bigfoot on a bigger scale because when you start looking into it it’s every country every tribe of people all the way from the frozen north of Europe down to the southern tips of Africa and like this in the Pacific Islands and everywhere else there seems to be reports of these of a bigfoot-like creature some kind of an upright hairy hominid and if you look in the fossil record there are tons and tons of reports of hominid like species so here’s a list also of some of the other cryptid species that are out there you can see you know like nests he’s on the list Wildman the Nandi bear I thought was also very fascinating so this is just a quick reminder a little bit of a study to show that Bigfoot is bigger than us here in America it’s bigger than the Yeti it’s bigger than the Yowie it’s pretty much everywhere and I think it’s only a matter of time before the truth comes out anyway please like and just and subscribe this is just video I wanted to put out there to kind of open your mind once you start looking at it there are literally hundreds of different varieties all around the world for you to look into thank you very much you [Music]

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