Kiska my guys in today’s video is brought to you by 5-hour energy extra strength I got something different for you guys today it’s the world’s biggest my graph house look at that thing you’re laughing at wait wait you should be laughing at it that’s a really small house um hold on one second weirdest where’d I put this thing oh yeah that’s right let me um yeah ladies and gentlemen this is the world’s biggest minecraft house that’sthat’s only built with like a couple blocks because if you see it this way cobblestones on the bottom woods on the sides there’s two doors there you know there’s not very many blocks probably a total of about eighteen and a half blocks the reason I say half is because there is a cake in there that is considered a half block so yeah but today guys we’re gonna do a tour of this house now it’s not just the world’s biggest house it’s a flippin redstone house I didn’t think it could get better than that but it does so looks good store to this hey guys before we travel into this massive house look at this the clouds are even going through but before we travel into your I want you guys to slippity slap that like button with your tongue clan don’t don’t slap with your tongue I don’t even know if tongues work on touchscreen mobile devices or well if you have a mouse I guess no don’t do that your mouse is dirty no no that’s germs no no you boy you clue these coming in clutch with the new creation but I want you guys slap that like button with something with your tongue just just actually don’t no don’t don’t don’t do the tongue I don’t you guys getting sick that’s really just just just slept like button with your thumb thumb or tongue not some bum some thumb okay i mumble it on here let’s go ahead and head into this house so we have this really special elevator that is going to take us up to the house and we have a lot of things to show you guys in this house that I did not expect was really possible so you walk in here and the house is massive we have a crafting table a bookshelf a a cake we got a furnace we got all this awesome stuff and you’re probably like I’m so cool wow this is great you know it’s big house but I’m it’s not that special well geez why way to ruin the party dude it actually is very special watch this ladies and gentlemen I bet you didn’t expect me to press a button I didn’t bet you didn’t expect the door to open store actually takes a really long time give it a second and hang on it’s still going it’s still going it’s ok it’s done you’re done okay so you walk in here and this is the crafting table room now all these other places or all these other blocks are going to have different rooms in them that we’re going to go explore so it’s really really cool but this one is the crafting table so you would assume you would assume that it has stuff to do with crafting and it does kinda who we walked over here we have this little armored thing basically what we can do is we can sort through different types of armor so if I press this button it’s going to sort through different armor okay maybe it’s just going to put it away give me the other armor please give me that maybe if I press the glass thing and I do give me the other give me and give me two there there it is okay cool so this one cycles through armor this button releases the glass so you can actually you know get the armor so it’s actually really really cool now I have two chess plays okay someone eat that and then this button over here is going to close the door it actually closes pretty quick opens really slow closes really quick I like it there’s also two upstairs area which we will check out in a second but first let’s explore what this thing is over here so this is basically a secret door hope that’s not the combination now don’t don’t look at that basically the combination is you have to get this arrow to look up at the torch and it’s going to open the secret little room this room is going to contain very cool stuff this room contains armor enchanted armor good and chanted armor and you also have a armor customization Center which is really really cool so let’s go ahead and enter on this thing and I’ll show you guys what this thing does over here so you can select any type of armors you want any color whatever the flip you want let’s say you want purple pink purple green you go in here you press the button you stand right here and the armored gets dispensed right on your body don’t even have to leave don’t even have to open your inventory and put on armor nope five star restaurant and then this over here is going to be a custom kind of way to enchant your armor so let’s say I will armed with fire protection I’m going to press this button and it’s going to bring me out Diamond armor with fire protection give it a second maybe another table there it is okay cool so if we look at his armor it should be fire protection there you go so if you want some other things like projectile protection blast protection I believe the shield one is thorns all you have to do is press this button and it’s going to dispense that type of armor all right so let’s go see what’s upstairs okay so that’s pretty much all for that other room so we have a nice little bed over here with the new light grey beds because now you can have like different colored beds in Minecraft oh my gosh oh my gosh but over here we have a chest kind of organization system so let’s say I got myself up Oh a notch Apple well say I want to put it in the red chest because my red chest is for all my notch apples so the red chest is full of notch apples now let’s cycle through other chests so these are chakra boxes for those you guys that don’t know and every one of them is going to have different stuff in them so you can pretty much cycle through all the colors you can store different stuff in every single shocker box but let’s go ahead and go back around to the red one and I broke it alright so we’re back on the red one don’t go fast you’re going to break it and boom there’s all our golden apples so it’s pretty cool it’s kind of like a cheque organization system where you can color coordinate shulker boxes and it’s all automatic it’s cool it’s fancy it’s nice it’s five-star restaurant classy that is pretty much it for this room let’s press this button and let’s head out of here get away for the super long door again actually I’m just gonna there we go okay cool so next up is I would say the bookshelf but the bookshelf doesn’t actually do anything unfortunately sorry but the furnace on the other hand oh snap does it do something good let’s press is fun and we will be interred in the beautiful furnace arena now this door was actually a lot quicker I like this door okay so let’s go inside here so we walk inside here and it’s pretty nice we got the Cookie Monster I don’t know why there’s Cookie Monster in here oh wait I get it cause of the furnace everything in here has to do with food and smelting things so this is a food dispenser so let’s say your boy and speakable is feeling vici that was cringing let’s say you know a speaker wants some wheat let’s say he wants sixteen pieces a we I’m gonna press that button and my beautiful pieces of bread I don’t know why I said wheat but it’s like wheat cuz wheats made out of bread but it’s actually bread you know what I mean but there you go your bread is going to be dispensed in the chest exactly sixteen pieces and on the dot that is 13 last time I checked that says 1/6 that that is 30 maybe I don’t have enough bread yeah that’s probably the reason I don’t have enough bread yeah after you see I just don’t have enough friend you know don’t worry about don’t don’t get angry I just don’t have enough red so basically that’s what it does you can request food or whatever it’s pretty pretty cool and then over here we have the Cookie Monster so numbers of cookies you want so you can kind of see 1 2 3 let’s say I want 5 cookies which is the middle one so it’s gonna give me 5 cookies perfect you know cookie mom amen but wait there’s more there is an upstairs area so let’s go ahead and head up here I actually not really sure what’s up here what is this oh cool look there’s like a window so you can look out on your house or inside your house weird cool so it looks like this is a automatic potion kind of brewing Stan will not fully automatic let’s see what we can make here let’s do the puffer of the fish let’s do um the I don’t know what this does ok and then uh let’s say we want more power less duration all right so we break this glass here let me get one of these we can see that it actually is brewing our stuff there’s the pufferfish it’s going to brew our stuff after it gets brewed it’s going to go straight into this jet so let’s see hold on give it a second there we go okay it’s also applying the redstone tube because we did indeed ask for more weight we asked for a power not duration maybe you can’t do power on this one maybe just err duration will do it’s ok it’s I’m not complaining duration power whatever whatever there we go so that is water breathing so once it’s done it should be dispensed in here well there you go water breathing 8 minutes 3 of them Bam Bam and then this thing should light up here in a second letting you know it’s ready to crap the next potion so you don’t like confuse the machine so give it a second it I don’t know what it’s doing it’s trying but that is pretty much it for the furnace room I won’t exact it only gets better it only gets better I swear let’s press is fine because we totally don’t want anyone knowing that we have a hidden room in our furnace let’s go over to this one this is the crafting table so I mean oh did I really just call an enchanting table a crafting table I mean it’s an enchanting table not a crafting table it’s an enchanting table it you know see I sometimes I get confused they both start with or end with the word table you know sometimes it’s a little hard on me but I’m very sorry that was embarrassing let’s press this button and this is going to take us down into the enchanting table redstone rule so basically we have three things in this room we have an enchanting room we have an interpreter Spencer and we have the nether if I press this button it’s going to open up a portal that we can travel into and well go to the nether and then if you press this button well it’s going to dispense into pearled 16 of them to be exact that’s 14 why did you my numbers are off today oh wait no there’s two one right there didn’t pick them up okay I’m okay someone facepalm for me please and then if you press this button right here it’s going to open up an enchanting room which is like the way that door opens is so flippin cool can we can we get a replay of that look at it look at the way it closes okay it’s like a tea when it opens like okay yeah that’s enough for today that’s enough minecraft for today so that’s pretty much but that’s pretty much this holds our room that’s really all it is and then up here it’s just kind of decoration we have some nether warts and stuff like that I’m just going to decoration stuff nothing too fancy got some new Prisoner een terracotta whatever the flip these are blocks so we have one more place to visit and that is the pumpkin and the chess so I want you guys to try and guess before we go in here what you think is going to be in the pumpkin I bet you you can’t guess what’s in the bumpkin if you guessed pumpkins in the pumpkin then your eyes yeah there’s pumpkins in the pumpkin so basically we can walk in at this beautiful pumpkin and we have pumpkins growing we have sugar cane watermelon and chickens I guess chickens I don’t know where the chickens are but these are pretty much automatic farms and the way these work is they’re basically observer block so you can see there’s three observer blocks right there and let me show you guys all these work exactly the same there’s observer blocks on all these they all work the same basically what happens is when these grow the observer block is like hey it’s grown it allows the pistons to be pushed activating a redstone signal which cuts off the sugarcane and then it will be dispensed in this chest so it’s fully automatic and it is awesome you don’t have to touch any of these farms oh there’s the chickens right there so these chickens are also a fully automatic farm basically what it is there’s a bunch of baby chickens there once the baby chickens grow a observer block is like hey the chicken has grown it’s an adult it basically puts a lava bucket out on the half slab so it doesn’t hurt the other chicken and it roasts them and turns them into cooked chicken oh yeah that’s great let’s go ahead and head upstairs in this pumpkin we’re actually going into the chest right now and if if you wouldn’t guess inside the chest we have a chest room oh haha oh what a ghost art oh not to me at all but yeah this is it this is basically a giant chest room so basically what it is you have an input and our input up there my bad output right there so let’s say you get a ton of diamond let’s say you get a real son of diamonds you put all your diamonds in there and you can see that it’s slowly going to start taking the die and sorting them in jest well let’s say you’re like ah I want my diamonds back I want some of my diamonds back so you can flip this lever and then you can press this button and it’s going to dispense your diamonds back in this Jess there you go they’re right there it’s going to dispense all the diamonds until you tell it to stop that’s a lot of diamonds we should probably we should probably tell it to stop okay and then over here on this end well by the way there’s more chests over here just for decoration stop pretty cool um this allows you to dispense certain blocks so let’s say you’re one time and you cheer for some diamonds you press the diamond button and then it’s going to come out with a choker box full of diamonds diamond blocks whatever you put in there well let’s say you’re feeling Goldy today Goldy get it because it’s there’s gold so you press the gold thing and oh wait you actually have to press this button first I may have broke the machine oh the boys got the light blue shocker box oh yeah let’s say you’re feel that feeling Goldy today you press the gold button and months we go broke the Machine I broke the machine you’re supposed to press this button and then and then press this button let’s see all wait there’s no blue unless what about the three one yeah I know I broke it these machines are very easy to break I’m about what this what is that is that a little mini cacti on a bunch of leaves laughs laughs look at this wait watch I can multiply them oh my gosh I’ve got the pair wear thumb thumb thumb thumb you want something really cool I got more power I just deleted all of it and yes I know it surprised me there’s not actually anything behind this painting no there’s not I wish there was why there’s not all right so let’s go ahead and head outside the pumpkin and I think that’s actually it I think that’s kind of concludes the whole entire showcase if you fly up here I can show you guys a little bit more in detail but there’s nothing on or nothing in or under the bed I mean it might be monsters but I mean you know I don’t think there’s monsters there’s no monster nah nah but we did the crafting table we did the furnace and there’s a brewing stay on top of the furnace get it because there’s like brewing in the furnace you know because there’s a brewing you know crafting station and the furnace yeah we didn’t do the bookshelf or the cake because there’s actually nothing in there so I’ll actually dig into it kind of show you guys this is basically it’s it’s just a bunch of other yeah it’s gross you don’t want to see that it’s a bunch of other redstone same goes with the cake yeah there’s well there’s actually no redstone it’s actually just empty this is an empty cake that’s that’s really sad and we did the crafting table we did the enchanting table did the pumpkin in the chest and alright so let’s head out of here so let’s go ahead and go down all you get is press this button and it’s going to take you down what is really slime blocks interesting interesting very very interesting but guys I want to thank you all so much for watching I want to thank you goodies for his hard work on this map you guys can check them out link in the description but guys if you did enjoy this video and you want to see more unique videos like this I need your ideas come in the comment section below some ideas you have for unique redstone creations or just video ideas in general I’ll admit guys I’m at that point in time where I’m recording a lot of Minecraft videos I’m starting to double upload a lot and I’m starting to need more ideas from you guys I tweeted out a lot on Twitter I’m like hey guys what kind of video do you want to see tomorrow you know you guys really helped me out but I know if I ask for you you guys and a you know in the youtube video you guys will be lucky anyways I’ll be reading through the comments on this video and I’ll be pulling a lot of y’all’s comments and doing some of your ideas and stuff so comment the comment section below what type of videos you want to see on the channel and preferably things that we haven’t done yet or things that we haven’t done in a while so guys with that being said have a safe and fantastic rest of your day I will catch you guys later in another minecraft video and yeah roll over yes right [Music] [Applause] [Music] okay [Music] you

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