oh my gosh guys it happened again how is it that every time we end up in prison one way or another somehow I’m either going to crazy universes with HUC barbarians or getting stuck in a prison or jail cell I just got arrested the other day and now I’m back in prison guys I promise I’m a good person I don’t know how I keep ending up here if you think of a good person please hit that like button down below if you think I’m innocent I’m telling you guys I don’t know how I keep ending up here so with that subscribe button Wyatt you’ve got to find a way to get out here I am done being in a jail sale for the rest of my life I don’t know how we get out of here this is a very intense looking jail cell we even have Frank next door Frank it seems like my voice too is being affected by these cells you know what there must be just a bunch of mold growing on the wall messing with my voice hey guys we got to get out of here okay how do I’m starting to feel like this little slab right here has got something to do with Matt like look at this is there going to be like a hidden button somewhere oh it’s a chest oh oh my gosh that is so sick okay so we have got the Dyna tick act question is what can the diamond pickaxe mine oh it can mine these blocks that makes so much sense all right Frank what’s going on man Oh Frank where villagers eyes always this green or is it they are they just really green what’s up Frank aye Frank like I don’t want any I don’t want any problems man aye Frank look we’re gonna bust us out of here Frank Oh guys I’m too fat I should have had those extra doughnuts the other day I can’t fit through so what does this mean we busted this far we can’t give up anytime soon there’s got it is this guy this guy in his children taking a bath oh my god Frank what are you doing Frank we need to bust out of this joint man like it’s time to get out of here we’re gonna be free you just gotta stop standing there I need you to help me give me some form of assistance okay Frank I just realize you’re actually a lot more useful that I thought you are thank you Frank Oh jailbreakers peg Yeah right we’re getting out of your buddies I release the other prisoners do you know what I’m going to do it guys if you think I’m a nice person leave a like down below for free and these prisoners you’re getting out of here buddy we’re all getting out of here don’t you guys worry I will lead us to victory just trust in me yeah look at this we’ve already got a guy busted out do you know what man you gave me the pickaxe at the beginning can you get out of that cauldron in oh no what am I I just lost my shears guys I’m sorry I’m not going to be able to bust you out I don’t know what happened guys you’re gonna have to work together and get the rest of these guys out okay I’m so sorry oh I’m the worst teammate ever guys don’t worry I’ll be back for you [Music] apparently that was just an example of the math and getting out of prison thank God because I totally would have left those guys behind somehow I got rid of those years I don’t know how that happened so this is from the math grader himself hello and welcome my name is nico de Berlin I’ll be your guide I will try to make you break out from various prisons it may sound weird but the hardest part is not getting out of yourself there are some areas in each person where you can be easily detected and killed by guards you’ll need a pair of true sight glasses to see those areas that will be highlighted in red so you can get as far away from them as possible I can’t say anything else yet I will see you when you get out of this prison good luck Matt Prater I’m finding you you you imprison me here I hope you know that when I get out of here I’m not going to be happy with you I’m gonna be doing jump jump jump alright let’s see what’s the first thing we should do to get out of here there all of these buttons what does anybody see that this prison is like a Buddhist button is pretty sneaky any of you okay that opens that that makes sense that makes sense to wait guys i’ll resupport so hardcore parkour out of here oh you guys know what about that okay not that one particle parkour is coming into effect whoo wait these vines oh my god I’m so dumb okay now remember we don’t wanna get spotted by any of the guards we know that if we have a pickaxe we can break these kinds of blocks we don’t have a pickaxe right now and this guy actually wants to trade us for some block there’s got to be like a hidden button or some way to get up here 2,000 years later it’s all time it’s been right here in front of me look at this jet I should have known I should have known mend a jailbreak bo this can break crack blocks this is like the strongest bow ever so we might want to be kind of careful on which blocks we break as well there’s no blocks down here that are cracked it can break so what about these blocks over here I’m thinking about this one that is so cool all the blocks come crashing down oh and oh and then it automatically takes the bow away from me okay so now that we broke all of those there’s got to be something there’s got to be something else what is this is there a hidden button somewhere I kid you guys not I was sitting here struggling on this part for so long and I was like Preston are you just incompetent are you just stupid well I am but I’m not on this specific part I went looked at the back craters walked through the map and the sand blocks they didn’t fall from here they were supposed to fall from here and here and land on this so I can parkour over here you guys don’t believe me go check out the map readers walk through that’s how you get out of here and go to this section the map I knew there were something else okay we’ve now busted out of this joint we got the bow falling arrow thingamajigger Bopper some of these prisoners have like really open cells there’s no way that this can be safe I’ve got a question to any of you guys have any materials to get out of here oh this guy right here I’m feeling something about this guy Oh true psyche glasses this is what he was talking about okay so now I’ve got the true side glasses it supposed to point towards something that’s like red yo guys check it out the true side glasses have given me vision of where exactly the guards can see me so white step on here I’m going to die should we do it okay maybe like that one I’ll do it let’s go oh so the guard kills me and he kills himself that’s just great hashtag sores that not even mad though okay oh yeah come on I knew this from afar we’re glad that you did watch come on you found your voice oh yeah lynnie good side of your man Matt Peters talking to me again I know right this place is so massive yet so Dutch don’t worry though there is always a way to escape you just have to find it I’m not gonna lie this is probably the tightest prison I’ve ever seen in my entire life three of a crafting bench abhava oh how about this a giant fat chest with arrows oh is this like a code mm I’m gonna leave these gold nuggets here I don’t know if this is a code or something oh oh this guy oh go the chest playboys oh yeah we know what we’re doing right now we had to turn all of these into golden ingots so he wants for a bow a golden chest play oh my guy we can we can make this trade happen we can make this trade a pity to go bad boom Shakalaka alright so now we got to use this bow to shoot something what do we need to shoot with it down or aha I knew it and what’s this oh jailbreakers boys we are the best jailbreakers in the West that was sneaky that crack block almost got me now with a wound we got to do all I see it guys we got the parkour whoa oh no I sad dumb you guys you guys are lucky oh yeah there we go that’s what we meant to do the first time around he’s actually incorporated parkour into this map as well which is sick now I bet you oh no oh no no no no I’m not gonna lie it’s going to be really difficult to get to that block this is going to take some mods and parkour finesse oh it just like that I finessed my way out okay I really don’t like it had any jumps in this prison whoo if you are not very good at parkour you might actually struggle a little bit these are actually some difficult jumps and even put like mini head hitter jumps here this guy was not playing around when he made this map man I’m telling you guys right now it means business and there’s nothing scarier than a map created that means business I wonder if if we’ve got jailbreakers I bet you we might need something from one of these prison cells before we escape oh wow if you guys want to see more minecraft prison escape Maps guys smash that like button down below you know you can even hit a dab on it real fast and if you think this guy needs to make a second map just comment down below this guy’s map is actually insanely good and not only is it insanely good but it’s a rare mixture of insanely good and super fun now you might think that those should be like together more often but sometimes you get like a really fun map that’s not necessarily I don’t know how to explain I’m just saying man this guy’s map is really good any better make another one I’m having too much fun okay understood let’s be careful now guys we cannot afford it oh is that Donald who’s Donald’s down there Donald sorry I gotta leave you behind I’ll send you a postcard or something like that oh yes this prison is called the box it is more of a test area to check your cleverness and see if you deserve to escape or dad Dominique OH what the heck is that supposed to mean we have got to find our way out of here and it’s up to our cleverness oh I think I’ve already found the first little tidbit iron nuggets I forgot the out of that in the newer versions of Minecraft I don’t have a name either oh dude that poor guy doesn’t even have a name that’s so sad but just going for again there’s no button and that’s just parkour out of here we’ve got to find their way to get on top of this thing is that I don’t know if that’s even possible I thought I don’t think that’s possible oh that’s not that’s there’s no way that’s possible we have to find a way to touch this vine and get up here is there a crafting bench here somewhere well I do it I knew there’d be a crafting bench here somewhere I finally figured it out okay so what can we make with a nugget money we can make to all I knew it cheers guys we are the most brilliant people of all brilliant people so these are jailbreakers which means we could just break this jump up and yeah boy take that I knew what it needs to be a crash see his heart because he manipulated the texture pack so that way it was like we couldn’t tell what was the grab dimension what was it a crap image okay this prison is really hard to escape from some inmate stayed here so long they forgot their name dude that’s so sad guys just have a moment before villagers these monsters have kept these guys locked up so long they know can’t remember their name guys I hope you know that in my prison this will never happen okay you want flint and steel and you will give me an arrow in return I can do that I can totally do that there we go what steel buddy I’m coming for you buddy I give me that arrow bud you’re a really swell guy and I hope you know I love you to death but we got to make some trades here there could be a hidden chest up here somewhere oh no hidden chance up here yet oh wait oh do we find it you have buddies all right so this guy wants TNT for a bow you know what I will gladly make that trade my guy bows will take out these crack blocks the question is what crack blocks we hit I think if we hit all of them they’re like sand I’m pretty sure these blocks are actually saying we hit them yeah they all fall which is sick oh we use that to get over here what about this big black area can we jump behind here oh we can’t nobody can’t oh god guys ah oh oh dude what the heck but it’s so cool I can’t believe we just did that okay just got one to trade why do you want to trade barrier blocks actually let me go check down here oh yeah boy I love how is incorporated parkour institute’s prison map even though right now I’m kind of failing it come on Preston yes that’s the press we all know and love you boys come on just a little bit further how we made it oh no oh what guys I feel like I totally missed something is this guy floating what are you doing okay he’s not floating solely on top of an iron bar what this mean exactly is that prisoner in there like a secret agent for the guards within the prison I almost feel as if the end like how else would a guard come and kill me I don’t know who you work for but you’re working for somebody and where the heck are the iron bars just move a little bit Clady to trade with you come on man we’re kind of out of luck don’t have the glasses do we miss a secret chance somewhere oh that we’re looking pretty good oh this guy’s got no trades okay just keep moving okay no way no way that just worked okay we’re just some house nuts our way through here I can we make this jump we can well I got a bad feeling about this guy sell oh we’re gonna do this guy’s like a parkour got over here yeah yo get your dude get up my other we’re just pushing this villager office parkour okay can we go back in here oh it’s so trippy bad oh that’s right you’re just scared guys I have no idea what is going on inside of this prison I’m starting to get a little bit nervous there is a lot of prisoners looking at me don’t blend in with them there could be a massive ride happening but guys I’m gonna be ending the video here if you guys want to see part juices Matt then slap that like button down below and I will release the next part of this minecraft map fears free one of the most fun minecraft maps this guy actually even said he enjoys my videos which they told you or unless you’re fan I’ll go ahead and leave this guys’s YouTube channel down below the description I just think the map is that awesome thank you guys so much for more part one of escape within prisons I’ll see you guys in the next part and times we see you guys next time another wonderful fun safe day and God bless

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