You Won’t Believe How YouTube Is Screwing Its Creators NOW

welcome back beautiful amazing human beings in just a few days ago without any warning without notification without even being given a reason why I woke up to the fact that YouTube contacted and terminated a business contract that I had with a third party welcome to the new YouTube blacklist that I am officially on and the new form of censorship that just affected me and soon will affect a lot others in the community now before we get into the details don’t forget to follow us everywhere but this YouTube channel including our Facebook page Twitter page Instagram page and of course alternative platforms like steam it and of course bitch shoot also a lot of people in the professional YouTube space are telling me that I’m most likely going to lose my partnership status with YouTube or completely have my channel deleted soon with what just happened to me make sure to go to we are and sign up on our email list which of course guarantees that we can’t be censored online and of course is a backup if the worst happens which we’re not even using yet so if you get a chance this will be the best way to stay in contact with us sharing this YouTube video sharing this YouTube channel and the other videos we did before also helps out tremendously would of course bigger numbers we become more powerful and we have the less likelihood of YouTube acting more aggressively against us which is why I think our channel has been suppressed so much lately with massive D monetization which of course directly suppresses our viewership and the people who are subscribed to us since YouTube even publicly admitted that it decides who sees your videos and who does not ultimately deciding what is popular and what is seen even though we have zero copyright strikes and zero Community Guidelines strikes with our organic reach going up our viewership has dramatically declined in the last few weeks and it sucks because I pretty much invested everything into this independent news channel on YouTube doing on-the-ground reporting that is severely needed in places like Caracas Venezuela Mogadishu Somalia inside of the Fukushima no-go zone covering protests all over the world interview and whistleblowers heroes survivors witnesses and overall just be a bottom up news organization that doesn’t cater to the left or right hyperbolic bullcrap that divides human society but a rail independent news organization that is only here because of people’s small donations and of course the platform YouTube a platform that just a few days ago reached out to another company and told them to terminate my contract with them a contract that was very important to this independent news organization and that left me scrambling four days to try to fix it the company that I’m talking about is an MCN a multi-channel network that creators sign up with these MC ends help creators protect their videos and channel offer solutions to cross collaborate with other users offer brand and sponsorship deals help create content strategy and analysis give me access to music and videos that I could use in my videos for free help me manage my channel more efficiently and also offer up higher ad revenue since MC ends solicit advertisers independently and charge a higher rate and the company that I was signed up with and had a one-year contract with was of course full screen and just like any business there’s good MC NS that are out there and of course there are also some bad ones but I decided to sign up with fullscreen which is one of the biggest MC NS out there which I had a one-year contract with that YouTube forced them to terminate and this is the email that I got from fullscreen a couple days ago saying quote unfortunately you should have received communications from us about this last week which I didn’t quote informing you of this but unfortunately what all the YouTube changes we were no longer able to keep you in the full-screen network due to their new policies and another email they said unfortunately this is YouTube’s call not ours the changes are about who they will allow to be in multi-channel networks and your channel was flagged for removal by YouTube and they went on unfortunately we had no flexibility here we tried to push back but the decision was final and ma’am contract terminated and it wasn’t just me that was hit I’m also seeing a few other users who were hit with similar news one of them was this channel D cigs who also has a similar subscriber count’ to us with over a half a million subscribers we’re in a video describing what happened to him actually broke down and started crying because of all the anxiety and pressure put on him as an independent youtuber now there actually has been an official statement by fullscreen that sent out emails to some creators saying quote due to the nature of your uploads and because your uploads may potentially infringe on the right of others or potentially violate applicable laws or regulations including without limit YouTube’s term and services and/or YouTube’s Community Guidelines we feel it is best that we part ways now I never got that email and it’s it’s who we look at our channel zero happy right strikes zero Community Guidelines strikes I play it very safe with the content and videos that I release on my channel so YouTube’s excuse absolutely makes no sense I don’t even curse in my videos so pluck you YouTube you biscuit eating gerrymandering cornholes absolute horse manure here and we’re even hearing from insiders that quote YouTube is starting to clean up the platform with of course full screen and other networks having zero say in this it’s also important to understand in this story that MC ends like fullscreen also face a lot of pressure from YouTube and just like YouTube keeps cutting off independent creators they could also do the same to larger MC ends like fullscreen because just like YouTube deletes other people’s channels they could do the same thing to MC NS and they even have a specific protocol for that interestingly enough I also decided to reach out to other MC NS to see if they could potentially sign me up and I actually got a response from one of them saying if I deleted 20 of my videos that then they would allow me to be in their network but the videos that they wanted me to delete many of them included our highest viewed videos videos predicting the current situation in Syria that I did in 2014 that came true interviews with people from the intelligence community whistleblowing on ground breaking news exclusive stories that we broke and only had about police misconduct and many others but leaves me in a quagmire do I delete some of our greatest work in order to make sure our future work gets seen and that’s even maybe if that works so it’s definitely not an easy situation to be in the last few days and a part of me definitely believes that this is an effort of political censorship since we hold very strong views against the use of drones you know just like the thousands of Google employees who were protesting Google and alphabet developing the latest AI for Pentagon drone usage all of course spearheaded by the former CEO of Google and now the head of alphabet Eric Schmidt which we confronted at the Bilderberg meeting when she wasn’t too happy about since yeah you know it’s a secret meeting of the top of globalists Bank sirs corporate heads government officials media heads that meet in secret once a year with the mainstream media mainly remaining silent on that which of course we are still gonna be covering this year in Italy and of course doing more on the ground rail reporting for you we definitely will not be self-censored with this latest action by YouTube which sadly a lot of creators will do because they don’t want to bite the hand that feeds them even though that hand is slapping them in the face and figuratively poking them in their eyeballs and if you’re a YouTube creator you have to understand this is only the tip of the iceberg and YouTube is only going to expand this policy from here and trust me I should know since we were warning people about Google’s involvement on this platform all the way back in 2008 and we’ve been getting hit ever since with our channel being put in restricted mode not allowing us to review videos d monetizing 660 of our videos in one day on our channel with me getting hundreds of messages with people saying that they’re not getting any alerts any notifications and even being unsubscribed from our channel to the point where even two years ago if someone would interview me and put my name into a YouTube video their video would be automatically d monetized and if they took away my name their video when they was put up her review was then ramana tais so yeah this has been happening to us for quite a while we’re pretty much the canary in the coal mine being like but of course the downward spiral that YouTube is on with the way that they treat their creators but my faith is still here with of course you guys the viewership and that you guys will support us and sign up on our email list and of course this is not an easy position to be as a independent youtuber and of course this situation will get a lot worse soon but instead of just complaining or giving up let’s try to make the most out of this situation expand a third party platforms and remind them what the U in YouTube stands for and it all begins with the small actions that you take that’s why I love you guys thank you get so much for watching stay tuned for more here on YouTube calm for it slash wheat or change whenever there are riots anywhere in the world Luke is there on the ground with politicians need a reality check he faces them and confronts them head-on what happens when you worship Moloch at the Bohemian Grove with there’s an injustice in the world we expose it they also talked about some hippie dippie stuff like mushrooms dnt acid quantum physics consciousness and seeking solutions to the problems that we face we traveled the world question authorities stand up for our rights and fight back against the elite with the greatest weapon humanity has ever had in history of video camera we are fully funded by you and only you no one else tells us what to do because together together we are huge new videos every Sunday through Thursday subscribe [Music] [Applause]

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