Your Mind Is Not Your Own

We all like to believe that we think for ourselves.

As intelligent beings we express thoughts and communicate opinions constantly. But are the opinions you deliver yours? Sadly, in most cases, the answer is no. Chances are you are regurgitating what you’ve been programmed to think and say since the day you decided which side you are on. This is especially true in political discourse but may also be applied to other areas of interest. Unlike some sci-fi thriller where an evil villain devises some covert mind control method, odds are you surrendered your mind willingly and it hasn’t been your own for a long time.

If my assertion that you don’t speak your own thought angers you, the odds that I’m right and that you are an automaton go up dramatically. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying that nobody is capable of thinking and expressing their own thoughts. I’m saying few do. Very few.

You don’t believe me, do you? Care to put you independent thinking to the test? If the thought of  having your ownership of your mind put to the test makes you uneasy in the least, don’t take the test. I guarantee that you’ve been fully owned and there is no hope of regaining the keys to your own mind.

For the few hopeful that remain, the test is easy: Name one issue where you can disagree with the side you’ve chosen. In other words, if you’re a conservative, name one issue that you can, at the least, find merit in the liberal position. Likewise if you’re a liberal do the same for the conservative position. If you can’t manage that tiny degree of non-partisan thinking, you’ve been owned.

Are you capable of taking any issue and understanding an opposing view point without anger, condescendence or ridicule? If answer yes, I suggest you try. If you are having a tough time managing seeing the opposing point of view, you are, at a minimum, not fully in control of your own thoughts.

There is some good new. You can take back you mind. It won’t be easy but it is rather simple. Start by having cable TV removed from your home. Turn off talk radio. Unsubscribe to pundit social media channels. Make a commitment that for every piece of op-ed you ingest, you seek out the opposing argument and read it thoroughly. FACT CHECK ALWAYS. Stop relying on spoon-fed statistics from social media arm-chair experts.

Do the above steps for 30 days and then come back to this post and leave me a comment below and start with the phrase “Thank you for saving my mind”. I await your return.



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